EU Ford Sierra RS500 @ Brigehampton - Thu 09 Apr 2020

Paul Joseph

The Mighty Forth - Manager (Steam: paul.joseph)
Mar 19, 2009
Sign me up please Denis!

Not raced for well over a year, so this'll be interesting to say the least.
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Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Jun 18, 2013
Wow almost a full grid Denis, very nice to see.. Hope to be back soon.

PS.. great combo.
Hi Craig.
Mate it's so cool to hear from you on the forum. Really pleased mate honest, it's lifted my spirits.
Look forward to welcoming you back any time you feel ready. @Medilloni and @Chris Down are doing a sterling job of keeping the AC club going and @Daiman Patel has stepped up in rF2, so you will certainly have racing to come back to.

The clubs are really flying atm, in fact. This awful situation has at least had a good effect on club racing participation. Old faces are coming out of the woodwork too. I guess every cloud....

Anyway that reminds me - I'm gonna push the times back 5 minutes, in case any of our UK residents (and possibly Portugal?) would like to take part in applause for key workers. So practice will begin at 19:05 UTC. :thumbsup: