Flickering crowd

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  1. Patricio Quevedo

    Patricio Quevedo

    Hello guys.
    Does anyone have a solution for the flickering standing crowds?
    Specially in Montreal , Monaco and Monza.


  2. patriciu75


    probably they will fix that with new patch update! i saw this flickering standing crowds in some circuits
  3. Peppi


    Original from Codemasters Board, User afborro:
    "I have changed and no longer flashing crowds"

    "I have it too. Not in the main stands or anything as bad as last year, but some of the spectators near the fences. Last year the game had this issue introduced after the last patch, and I happened to be able to 'fix' it for core 2, some others did it for 4 core systems too. Now it has changed a bit and I binned all the 2011 stuff and fix I did for that, but just looking at the system 2 core file I suspect it is the line:

    You could try setting this to:

    I have not tried it myself as yet, may get around to it will let you know. Of course as the workaround suggests it comes at a small sprice. I can't guarantee this is the right line for that matter, this is from recollection from last year, but for 2 core it is in the

    save and backup that file and try that change, perhaps it will resolve it. Worse case you may get some stutter or at worst an entire lockup of the game, it will not hurt though to try, just restore the file if it doesn't work out. Note and beware revalidating cache and restoring from steam can overwrite these files anytime, especially seeing the regular patches lately.

    Note that it is important to know which system file your PC uses, you can check this in

    in the file hardware_settings_config.xml, near the top it will read something like

    WorkerMapfile=system\workermap2core.xml or WorkerMapfile=system\workermap4core.xml, as appropriate for your system.