First time user, KUDOS to the team!

I've been holding off trying RRE since launch, waiting for it to mature a bit. I have also been rather busy with racing all the other sims on my machine (it's been a busy 2013/2014 for simracers).

But now i got the free package installed off of Steam, and i am just experimenting with it.

I felt i needed to start this thread just to say thanks to SimBin/Sector 3 for this title!

As an old Race07/STCC The Game fan and race organizer and fellow Swede, i must say that already, after my limited initial testing i feel that this is the Race07 for modern times, that i envisioned it to be!

The FFB is very good (not rF2 good perhaps, but really good), the visuals are spot on (colors are fantastic) and the audio is really immersive. The most important to me, vehicle dynamics and physics, is also spot on.

At least in the Get Real-mode. It has that "SimBin-feel" of Race07, but more finely tuned. At least on the free cars that i tried.

I was also impressed at the way the UI and visuals are both very slick, but not "over the top" like pCars.

It looks and feels modern, and has all the fancy visuals i ever need, but it also does not overdo it and has no performance issues at all on my system. Just the right approach.

The AI is what really impressed me however. The new so called adaptive a.i. system is really great. I can easily see this title taking the place of Race07, as my goto single player title.

It reminds me of the iRacing concept, but this is better. :)

Just wanted to vent about my first contact with the title and give some kudos to the team. Awesome work!

Should have avoided trying it really, as it now got even harder to distribute my team between my different sim activities :)

Note that i only tried the free content yet, but i am tempted to get content right from the start. So i add some questions to other users: what content should i get? I like single player as well as league racing online, and i frequently organize race meetings in closed off leagues (that i would like to introduce to RRE).

Been looking at getting the full DTM 2013 package, being a fan of the
real life-franchise. Will that give me all the tracks and cars? Will it get updated to reflect 2014?

Someone also recommended ADAC content. Is tracks purchased separately, raceable with all car combinations?
Also. Further question: I like this portal system, seems like an online league run by the dev team, without the fuss of running it myself. Also it gives the advantage of content attached to my account...

But before i purchase... If i purchase in my portal login, using cash (converted to vRp or what they call it), but have the sim installed through Steam, will the content show up inside the sim, even if i launch through Steam?

Becuase all content i can buy in Steam itself seems to be DTM?


who cares
Yes the content will show in the game if you buy it in the portal.

You can buy the ADAC as a car/track pack or separate and use it across R3E.

Remember, DTM Experience is a separate game.


@Richard Eriksson
Regarding DTM-Experience and ADAC GT Masters package ......... If you plan to purchase both, than go for the DTM first. Because after you bought the DTM Experience, you get a big discount on the ADAC GT Masters package. It doesn't work the other way around, because DTM-E is a more separate part of R3E.
Ah ok. That's great. Audi 90/Capri here i come :)

Should i get the DTM stuff from Steam then, and then it will show up in RRE? Or how does that work? Also, is the DTM content worth the asking price?

Do you think it's worth investing heavily in the title still, despite the restructuring to Sector 3?

I mean i like it, and see myself spending dinero at it, but only if it's going to be around.

This whole portal/locking your stuff up in an account thing that iRacing does is viable cause it's a major platform not going anywhere... This feels more risky.

But as a SimBin fan (particularly the Race-titles and DLC) i want this to work out in the long run as the concept seems very good (better than the american centric iRacing to me).


Do you think it's worth investing heavily in the title still, despite the restructuring to Sector 3?
IMHO ...... Yes!:)
Look at all the latest videos (e.g. Interview of Jay Ekkel by Shaun Cole). R3E is strongly moving into the right direction. And most (if not all) S3S employees have their roots in the SimRacing community. They know what we all want to see in R3E, but it needs time to implement all the stuff like league racing, pitstopps, weather, etc.

And i recommend watching the dev livestream today ->
@Frank Lehmann, Looks promising indeed. And i read that most key staff has been retained. It would promise a lot for the future, and with a new corporate structure, it may even become more effective.

I think i will invest, at least in DTM and ADAC content, as well as some add-on cars. After all, i believe that in our niche we should invest in work that we appreciate.

I invested in Reiza and GSC/Formula Truck when it was just released for this reason, as well as paying for Early Access/Beta day one for AC and rF2.

The difference here is the portal system and content being "not owned" by me, but on my account and what would happen to it, if this new business goes down in flames.

But it's not a vast amount of money and i can easily afford it, so i will probably drop some cash on this as well, if only for showing my love and support of the devs.

Also, you seem in the know, when i'm feeling up to it, how do i get in on some online action? Can i invite friends for a race and not use public sessions?
I understand your concerns with S3 and R3E but isn't rFactor2 and AC the same issue, if the companies behind those titles fall on hard times you cannot race either of them.
@William Wester, yeah it is about the same... However with the other two there are offline modes without sign ins, in RRE it's online account required i think? But as you say, there is a certain danger incolved with any early access or pay as you go system... But i see the need in our niche market unfortunately. It is hard to get enough investor cash to roll out a full release of a full on simulator today. It's the same with DCS for flight sims, for instance. They have to get cash and release incrementally too.

Also, using this thread to post yet another question... This is perhaps my older age starting to get to me, but is the steering wheel supposed to lock at like 270 degrees? I have set animation to 540 degrees and set the "steering lock" setting under the general options to 23... But when i drive any of the free cars i feel a "soft lock" at 90 degrees of turn, on my Fanatec wheel. Is this as designed? If so can i get more wheel rotation or is it car specific? Like in rF2 when using the "vehicle set" option? If so, why have the options?


If so can i get more wheel rotation or is it car specific? Like in rF2 when using the "vehicle set" option? If so, why have the options?
AFAIK they work actually on that feature.

But regarding your softlock problem ....... how are the settings on your Fanatec wheel? Is it set to 540 degrees like your ingame setting?
Besides that, the driver animations ingame currently not supporting full steering wheel rotation. The hands stuck at a specific degree.
@Frank Lehmann, yes, the wheel is set at 540 degrees. But i can feel it lock much earlier, like when there is a software induced rotation stop in rF2... This happens at about 90 degrees to either side (about 270 degrees total i guess).

This is definitely induced by the sim, as in Race07 i have no such thing, and can use the full 540 degrees set.

Will try to disable the driver arms, to see if this gives full rotation on both the physical and virtual wheel.

Having a "vehicle set" function that will give you accurate steering lock/rotation to the real world counterpart, is in this day and age more or less a standard feature that greatly adds to the ease of use. They should definitely have it. It's not that hard to do in code either as the popular wheels all have APIs supporting soft-locking the rotation (obviously, from my question, hehe).
Ok. Confirmed that unchecking the visible driver arms option fixes the soft lock issue on the wheel. Thanks guys.

I also have to say, that my love for this title is growing every time i try it. The FFB is REALLY good when dialed in right. And the feel of the cars i have tried is very authentic, with some amazing work done in suspension simulation in particular as evidenced by the free Judd BMW on the hillclimb, for instance. The suspension bump as you bottom out after one of the hills feels really authentic.

I am also falling more and more in love with the ai... It is presenting some very convincing racing, and is actually looking different in action, every single run. Impressive so far.

My confidence in the foundation is now sky high. But my confidence in the studio not going under again is not the same, sadly. I really fear that this title will now go unnoticed and get slaughtered by the worse functioning, but similiar titles (something that starts with i, and ends with racing), due to being less known and having less exposure.
This one of my major problems with the game and why after a great update I keep going back to other sims....
I am currently working and living in Angola - Africa, and the internet here is awfull. It literaly takes me minutes between menus and to load a single player race I can go and have a coffee and come back and still nothing.
Why cant the DRM be done just with steam?


@Richard Eriksson
Regarding DTM-Experience and ADAC GT Masters package ......... If you plan to purchase both, than go for the DTM first. Because after you bought the DTM Experience, you get a big discount on the ADAC GT Masters package. It doesn't work the other way around, because DTM-E is a more separate part of R3E.
I wish I'd have read this first lol! I got ADAC first.
Im pretty impressed with RRE. after getting DTM Experience and spending some time on it then RRE the other day, I got all the Tracks and Car Packs and are pretty impressed with the Feel I get through my G25.

Like all Sims a few things can be tweaked but given where it is I think its looking really good.
I'd like to see a dedicated server come soon as trying to have a run with mates in the servers ends in tears, as it only seems to be Euro servers.

With word of the V8Supercars Ford and Volvo coming to RRE, im excited as it wouldn't take long for Mercedes, Nissan and Holden to come.

Im liking the Singleplayer as well, with a few settings you can have a real good go and even enjoy it.

Like Richard has commented with the UI Visuals, its not like a mad womens crap like it is in Project CARS. Yes its simple in RRE but its easy to follow and get around and sometimes, the simpleness ? of UI is all that's needed over a more Visual design UI.

I for one look forward to RRE and what it brings to the future.
So, i am now getting DTM Experience and ADAC pack, when salary arrives. While i'm already taking the plunge, any cars other than that you would recommend? Tracks as well ofc. I got the Bathurst track and it was really good... But DTMe would already net me a bunch of good ones?
Are the Radicals any good? I raced Radicals in real life some years ago, and they are fun stuff. Also, the M1... Is it as detailed as it looks on the preview? If so, it may be the most visually complete rendition of this iconic car i've ever seen in a sim and an instant buy for me :)
I'd have to test the Radicals again, haven't since the FFB update, but as far as other cars go I'd recommend the Zakspeed Capri (haven't tested either since update but it was decent prior even) and the Audi 90. I mainly drive the new ADAC GTs now, love the Z4 and the SLS.

With DTM and ADAC you get a fair share of tracks indeed, I really like Portimao but it's a bit hard on performance, need to tweak some settings to make it run smooth but search these forums and you'll find a solution for it (VSync on is all I remember :p).