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First Names Disappearing?

Hi there,
I have followed the process described here:
to try to update the driver names (I'd like to randomize the names so I don't know what all the drivers all before I start).

However, whenever I do this the First Names of all the drivers disappear when I re-start the game?

I also tried to put the drivers.txt file into the Modding folder, but I always get the "Unable to Load Workshop data" error when I try to test my own mod.

Thanks for any help!
Wow...that was a while ago. Do not edit the files in wordpad. Import the txt files as csv files into a spreadsheet with comma delineation. Then everything gets much clearer. There are a few extra steps, but it makes it much cleaner and you don't run the risk of adding or deleting a comma and ruining the file. Also, are you reinserting the drivers.txt file back into resources or are you leaving it out and placing the file in modding/databases? Finally are you starting a new career when you do these changes and chosing to test your own mod only if the drivers.txt is in the modding/databases folder?