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Finland + controller (Xbox One)

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Matheus Berçot, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Matheus Berçot

    Matheus Berçot

    Yeah, decided to play Dirt Rally again after almost completing Dirt 4 (zero patience for that Landrush Triple Crown), decided to face my biggest fear there: Finland. Those crazy jumps make experience insane even for a low powered car and honestly, nothing I move on the settings, controller or car setup, make my life easier: I still have to tip the brake after the jumps and still finish it [Edit: the stage... every stage] by almost losing control everywhere, I can barely control where my car will be, a few restarts usually needed. Usually I just skipped Finland, but I'm willing to learn anyway.

    Is there a magic secret to play Finland well (and by that I don't mean necessarily fast, but consistent) in a joystick :)))? Even "driving" it feels like a nightmare every time.
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  2. Ricky78


    My magic secret is to use an Xbox 360 controller or, better, a PS4 controller (with DS4Windows), playing with an Xbox One (non Elite) controller was a nightmare for me too.
    Not only with DR: in my opinion both analog sticks and triggers are too much light and sensitive for driving games.
    However I have two 1st gen Xbox One controllers, I don't know if later models were improved.
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  3. BenCollins


    I use a Thrustmaster GPX gamepad, looks identical to an Xbox 360 controller.

    It's the best gamepad I have found. The rear throttle and brake buttons have great resistance. I also use ebay rubber things to extend the height of the sticks for steering, gives a much longer steering range.

    It works great with AC, Dirt Rally and Automobilista, once you get the right settings.

    I only get 20 mins a day to race, so great to have this option.