Figuring out why I'm slow off the start lights...

Stefan Mizzi

Jun 4, 2011
Hi! :) So I have a problem where I'm finding myself very slow at the start.

Basically, I press the clutch, rev the car up until its almost red.....when lights turn, I kinda leave the clutch but not 100% so that I play with accelerator/clutch and engine revs, then when happy leave the clutch totally.

This was always my way and always works well in other sims and in real life :p. But in RE3, its like the clutch/engine is slipping too much and the car barely moves until 3 or 4 cars over take me!

I checked the pedals and they are all OK in-game RE3. What could it be!?

Thanks! :)

Paul Jeffrey

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Jun 5, 2009
Hi Stefan,
I think RRE now has clutch bite point. Have a test on practice, hold the clutch about 50% or so (like on hill starts in a real car).. you'll soon find the "biting point". I dont always make great starts, but i've found if i hold it just below the bite point, have revs just in the "red" zone and simultaneously release the clutch and drepress the gas it pulls away pretty decent.
Now i need to master the corners... and the straights.... and the breaking zones.... and pit in.... pit out... consistency.... overtaking.....defending..... other than that, for the first 20 yards im s**t hot! :D

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May 31, 2008
Have a look at your steering controls, you can vary the clutch in 5 steps. That should help you bring the bite point to somewhere in the middle of the pedal range.