FIA to FOTA - ALL Teams must approve 2010 Regulations

Aug 26, 2008
While Max is perceived to have lost the war with the FOTA, you can't help but think he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. This could be one of them.

The Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) has been told by the FIA that it cannot go it alone and finalise new regulations by itself unless it has the full support of non-member teams, AUTOSPORT has learned.

With the eight FOTA outfits set to meet with Williams, Force India and the three new teams at the Nurburgring on Wednesday to begin discussing the plans for 2010, the FIA has made it clear that unanimous support will be required for next year's rules to change.

In separate letters that FIA president Mosley has sent to teams, both inside and outside of FOTA, plus Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, it has been made clear that there must be approval from all competitors for the governing body to be able to adopt new regulations.

"As you are aware, Article 66 of the International Sporting Code states that no change can be made to the published regulations without the agreement of all confirmed entrants," wrote Mosley in one of the letters to the non FOTA member teams.

"As a result, changes to the 2010 regulations require your agreement and consent.

"I would therefore ask you engage as a matter of urgency with the FOTA teams to seek agreement and to formalise the above principals into suitable contracts and propose a draft set of FIA regulations that all teams are satisfied with.

"Should significant problems arise, I shall be glad to involve the FIA Senate, but I hope this will not be necessary.

"Once these arrangements have been finalised to your satisfaction, you will need to notify the FIA so that the regulations can be formally amended."

Jon Marjanen

Mosley is an idiot. The truce was already set, but now his ego is again putting the final nails in F1's coffin. The statement that was made after the truce was announced said that the rules for 2010 would be the same as in 2009, with the exception of a few additions that were previously talked about. So no discussion about any rules should be necessary anymore. Mosley is trying to use backdoor tactics to go back on his word and trap the FOTA teams in with rules they never agreed to.

If this results in a split after it looked like a truce had been made, Ecclestone will have Mosley for breakfast.

Resi Respati

Oct 23, 2008



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