FIA fines and disqualifies USF1

Resi Respati

The FIA World Motor Sport Council has fined US F1 and banned the team from participating in any FIA championship as a punishment for its failure to appear in the 2010 Formula 1 season.


Wayne Reed

I am glad the fia have done what they have done usf1 made a right mess with what they did if you cant sort things out then dont sign up i hope this sort of thing does not happen again any time soon
yeah but now i can't drive f1. For you omer yes indy is faster and harder but just no where near popular. too much money to race and the same people win every race (castroneves, briscoe, dixon, franchiti, power, or kanaan). besides all indy car guys wanna do is go to nascar. looks like that will be the route but still race karts (have to be probably a two world karting champ or something)
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