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  1. Jacob Fræer

    Jacob Fræer

    Hello everyone.
    I have the Logitech Driving Force GT, and I had some problems with my force feedback, like so many others. There is no feel of when the car begins to understeer (wheel lock), where you, as an example, turn ½ the max you can, and then the car is not able to turn anymore, and normally the wheel should get loose, and you would feel this loss of turning.

    I've found out how to get this feeling, and it is pretty simple actually: Wheel Weight has to be higher (or maybe equal, haven't tested that) than Feedback Strength.
    Another fix for G25/27 users is to have vertical sync on.

    My settings are therefore as followed:

    Logitech profiler (desktop driver):
    All standard

    Force Feedback:
    Environmental effects: 0 %
    Feedback strength: 10 %
    Wheel weight: 20 %

    As said before, maybe equal value for strength and weight works, but haven't tested that. My rule is that i keep the weight higher than strength generally.

    Advanced Wheel Settings:
    Steering deadzone: 2,5 %
    Steering Linerarity: 10 %
    Throttle Deadzone: 3 %

    Remember to overrice input device type to Steering Wheel.

    These settings have made me so much quicker, because I now can feel when I'm turning the maximum possible for the car at the current speed.

    Hope this works for you guys, leave a comment if you try it!