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Ferrari SF90H

Skins Ferrari SF90H 1.0

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ItzzAdr14n submitted a new resource:

Ferrari SF90H - Ferrari SF90H for F1 2015

Hello everyone yet again!
Here we have the SF90H skin for F1 2015. And no, I did not use Jburon's skins as a reference this time :).
Seb's and Charles' logos are included.
The Ray Ban logo is mirrored and placed near the cockpit as well. I've tried covering it with the Ferrari logo but it's still there. You can see what it does with the paint file. Just check the image.
The Mission Winnow logo is flipped differently on the engine cover, but hopefully that isn't an issue.
No black on...

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Hey! I love this design but I need some help.... IDK how to install these liveries and I haven't found any tutorials online...