Ferrari: F1 Could Lose 1.5 Seconds This Season

F1 to lose 1.5 seconds ferrari.jpg

Formula One cars could be lapping up to 1.5 seconds slower this season, according to Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto.

With Formula One speeds having rocketed up to record levels during 2018, the racing hasn't always been the spectacle many of the fans would have liked to have seen, prompting the rule makers behind the sport to introduce a raft of new technical regulations for the coming season. With changes to the aerodynamic regulations at the front and rear of the cars the most visual difference from last season, the sport hopes it will become easier for drivers following another car to remain close without losing the all important downforce needed to perform an overtake - the result of which means overall downforce this year has been reduced, something that Ferrari believe could cost a second and a half in lap time at the start of the season.

“We predicted an impact of 1.5s per lap when we (first tested) in the wind tunnel (and) it’s what we got,” said Binotto.

“So, these cars are heavier compared to last year, and the aerodynamics, especially the front wing, has been simplified a lot. The expectation has been 1.5s and that has been (proven).

Although it is doubtful if fans watching trackside and on TV will see that lap time difference without the aid of a stopwatch, Formula One teams never traditionally like going backwards in performance, and as has been proven in practically every year of the sport, the deficit at the start of the season is unlikely to remain as large by the time the championship comes to a conclusion at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November.

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Aug 21, 2018
That was obvious... Less downforce-less corner speed-more time takes to finish the lap


Sep 29, 2016
That was obvious... Less downforce-less corner speed-more time takes to finish the lap
Down force??
Its pure driver skill that makes them corner is it not?
Down force he says.... you'll be telling me next those big black rubber things give them grip....


Apr 18, 2017
Interesting... Red Bull said they already matched 2018's downforce levels.
Multiple teams reported this and im sure it's true. I expect this: When they come into Australia then the pole time is going to be similar to last years. +- 0.5 sec


Sep 29, 2014
If it means more overtakes and better races, no one will care about those 1.5s


Jun 4, 2017
So the turn 3 in spain and some of silverstone's corners are not full throttle anymore? i', ok with that if it can make racing better

If it means more overtakes and better races, no one will care about those 1.5s
The last few times that F1 decided to improve racing they ended up making it worse but i have a little more hope this time :D


Oct 20, 2010
Or you could read it as Ferrari not adapting as well to the changes as the others, and could be 1.5 seconds off the pace of Mercedes.

Andrew Harper

Dec 1, 2014
Their comment doesn't quite make sense, having read various articles.

The front wing is simpler now to generate less reliance on it when running behind another car. A lot of the small parts were aero routing rather than downforce. That was the goal by the rule makers I think. So the front wing is less air sensitive now. However it is much wider than before (and according to one article in Racecar Engineering will actually produce more downforce than before). Same for the rear wing which is wider than before

The downside (for the designers) is the cars will hopefully (for us) produce more drag. The reason I say hopefully is the more draggy the cars are, the more effective slipstream and DRS will be. So hopefully better racing down the straights.

We will see....:laugh::)

Mitja Bonca

Sep 8, 2008
Vettel is already inside 1 second mark of his last year`s record time of 1.17.182.
So he`s not right, I am sure they will come to that mark in these days.


Feb 18, 2015
Sneaky snake, they are already running faster than race pace last year. I don't think the cars lost any downforce. The parts they are missing mostly helped efficiency. With the added front and rear wing span, the teams seem to all be trying to improve efficiency and flow rather than front downforce with the front wing. More f1 media silliness