Ferrari deny Arrivabene Cameraman Death Threat

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Paul Jeffrey, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team have officially denied that its team principle Maurizio Arrivabene threatened to kill a cameraman in the Abu Dhabi pitlane on Friday.

    Respected Formula One photographer Darren Heath posted on Twitter a message indicating that Arrivabene had an altercation with a cameraman filming for broadcaster Sky Sports and threatened "Do that again and I’ll cut your f*cking head off!"

    “Yes, there was an incident,” a Ferrari spokesman confirmed. “The cameraman bumped a mechanic. Maurizio intervened but he only gave him a warning.

    Later on Heath removed his message and replaced his words stating,
    “Learnt a lesson today on how tweets sent when emotions are high can be damaging.”​

    It just goes to show, even with the championship over emotions still run high in the Formula One paddock.
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  2. Peter Klawitter

    Peter Klawitter
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    yeah shows again cameramen and press all completely overrated, bunch of moron and ignorant pack!
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  3. Chris

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    Is that a serious comment? ^^

    A camera man bumped into a mechanic and is confronted by being threatened to have his head cut off? Doesn't seem like a proportionate response to such a small thing.

    If Arrivabene thinks the camera man deserves his head cut off for that, I wonder what Arrivabene himself deserves for this?
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  4. Colin Knowles

    Colin Knowles

    He certainly looks like he has the connections to follow up the threat though :ninja::laugh:

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  5. FlyGasm

    Shut Up and Race! Premium

    It's human nature to get pissed and say stupid ****, everyone's done it. And that's why I can't understand the logic behind tweeting. You're pissed, so you take the time to grab your phone and text the way you feel? You've already ranted verbally, so now you post it to the world? Technology has bred an idiotic society, or maybe technology has just exposed how stupid society has been all along. Hmmmm :sneaky:
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  6. Ghoults


    Treat the cameramen with respect. They are not there to hurt your big egos no matter how precious and special you think you are.

    Funny how when montoya had his incident with cameraman it was all aboard the hate/montoya train. But this ferrari dude does it then it is just heat of the moment thing? I don't think that kind of language is acceptable. If you can't behave yourself that much then your job should not be in front of the cameras. This was not the first time ferrari personnel had issues with basic rules of conduct on this season either...
  7. Rob


    The F1 media is a bit of a joke. F1 is so tightly controlled that I'm sure you have to grovel to get any sort of access and then that is ripped away at the slightest infraction by "the oligarchy" that runs the sport. Not sure about all countries, but pretty clear to me from U.S. and U.K. coverage. In fact, pit reporter Will Buxton (who called Verstappen a "once in a lifetime driver" before the race) was shut out of interviews for years until he became "known" and the U.S. got a Grand Prix, now at team. Initially, I pondered "I wonder why these guys never talk to anyone...they seem pretty nice when not at a race?" So they tow the line. $1000 says that's exactly why Darren Heath backtracked. No, he wasn't threatened by "the Don" -- it was "The Bernie" instead.

    On a side note, the story is kind of humorous to me. ("Maurizio intervened but he only gave him a warning" -- well that's just hilarious, really, if it went down like the reporter said). Arrivabene is Italian, no? I think, "I'm going to cut your fuc*ing head off" roughly translated from Italian, means "Please not do this again, or I will have your press passes revoked." :geek: It would be cool if Arrivabene had some horse heads somewhere, but he rose to a very high place selling sponsorship for a company headquartered in my hometown of Richmond -- Phillip Morris (not sure I know any John Gotti's that worked for Phillip Morris, although I knew an person with an Italian name that worked there named Lanzolotti...hmmmm :confused:). As of 2011, his title was "Vice President of Consumer Channel Strategy and Event Marketing" lmao. He gave Ferrari millions! I'd like someone if they gave me $1M too. Not sure if he knows much about cars, but I'm sure he is a nice motivator/cheerleader.
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  8. Duke55


    It's all OK, there's just been a slight mis-understanding in the whole debacle. Mr Arrivabene only wanted to kill him a little bit, not a whole bit.
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  9. Patrick Wuyts

    Patrick Wuyts

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  10. Chris

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Ahh good. Well it's okay then :)
  11. El-ahrairah

    Prince with a thousand enemies Premium

    stop making this news
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  12. nikdek69


    you guys are having lots of fun with this pathetic stereotype Italy = Mafia = goodfellas, don't you ?

    @Chris Stacey
    so ??!!
    How's relates to this topic ??

    geesh, worst topic of the year
  13. Chris

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Are you implying that the team principle of the most powerful team in the pitlane who threatens a member of the F1 paddock with beheading is not news worthy?

    Also, nikdek69, it was a humorous poke at Arrivabene's utter hypocrisy.
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