Ferrari 312T @ Imola


Thanks for posting, I haven't tried it round Imola yet, but with with some adjustments to the gearing it works well around Monza. May make further changes wben I get home and I'll post when it's finished.


ive ran a 1:41.7 so far with this set but with more time a 1:40 is do-able
I was stuck in the high 1 42's earlier today but i tried your setup and helped me attain at 1 40 .8 with 100% mechanical damage and 1x tire wear and fuel consumption so thanks a lot
hi Mixer49, je vais le faire en français !!!!! :laugh:
regarde plus dans le dossier asseto corsa setup guide, tu vas trouver ton bonheur, j'ai trouvé le mien pour mercredi prochain.....;)