Fernando Alonso: Ferrari's former president confirms Spaniard's exit


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Oct 2, 2010

Fernando Alonso is leaving Ferrari at the end of this season, the company's former president Luca Di Montezemolo has confirmed.

Alonso's departure is an open secret in Formula 1 but the team have not yet announced it, nor their decision to replace him with Sebastian Vettel.

Di Montezemolo told Italian television: "Fernando is leaving for two reasons.

"One, he wants another environment. Two, because he is an age when he cannot wait to win again."

Alonso, 33, asked Di Montezemolo in the summer to be released from his contract, after losing faith that Ferrari could produce a winning car in the near future.

What next for Alonso? Discuss.

Ken Hughes

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Apr 6, 2014
Here's a thought. Alonso goes to Haas F1 to help test and develop the car ready for the 2016 season, when he will partner with Alex Rossi.