Fanatec wheel FFB settings for the July/2012 build

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Jamie Shorting, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Jamie Shorting

    Jamie Shorting

    Does anybody have any recommended FFB settings for their fanatec wheel? I use a gt3 rs v2 wheel and would like to join in on this great ffb feeling everyone is talking about since the latest build was released. Not sure if it's placebo or what but so far I'm not feeling much of a difference. Thanks.
  2. Kevin Cox

    Kevin Cox

    I don't have Fanatec wheel my self but a G25, but since iRacing new build I have turned on the Linear FFB option in the app.ini file.

    Below is the section you need to look for in your app.ini file to edit.
    enableWheelDisplay=1                        ; Enable use of shift indicators on some wheels
    garageAutoApply=1                           ; automaticaly hit the apply button after five seconds of inactivity.
    invertFFBStrength=0                         ; Reverse the force feedback effects, if your wheel is spinning the wrong way
    showJoinLeave=1                             ; Show player join/leave messages
    showSysMessagesWhileDriving=1               ; Show system messages while driving
    showUserMessagesWhileDriving=1              ; Show user chat messages while driving
    steeringBumpStop_Deg=15.000000              ; degrees into bump stop before max force
    steeringFFBBaseOffset=0.050000              ; Boost FFB forces by a set amount to increase sensitivity around zero (0.0 to 0.5)
    steeringFFBLinearForce=1                    ; Use a linear force profile instead of compressing the FFB forces to fit
    steeringFFBSmooth=1.000000                  ; Percent of current FFB force to use vs average force, 1.0 = no average 0.001 = max average
    I changed "steeringFFBLinearForce=0" to "steeringFFBLinearForce=1". This turns on the linear FFB

    Also changed "steeringFFBBaseOffset=0.000000" to "steeringFFBBaseOffset=0.050000". This made my wheel a little tighter at centre as before it was a little sloppy.

    Has made a world of difference in the feel for me. I did have to increase FFB strength in game after turning that option on though. :)
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  3. Tom Van Put

    Tom Van Put

    put the FFBBaseOffset somewhere between 0.05 and 0.07
    also, adjust your Overall Effects Strenghts in the Logitech profiler back to 100% if you had set it to 106% or 107%
  4. Tom Van Put

    Tom Van Put

    oh, Fanatec :)
    Sorry didn't see that one :)
  5. spaceharry


    I think the FFB BaseOffset is kinda wired. Just tested it on max (0.5) too see how this function works in game. When set to max value my CSR Elite wheel moves to the left even while standing still in pit and on straights there it shakes left and right.

    Don't know how this FFB BaseOffset works on logitech wheels, but on my wheel I prefer keeping it on zero, as while standing still, my wheel shouldnt move at all.