Fanatec GT2 losing connection

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by danspach, Jan 15, 2017.

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    Sorry for the "level-one" post fellas. I've spent hours trying to narrow down the issue. I have a GT2 wheel with Clubsport pedals and the latest driver and firmware (756 and 261, I believe). When I go into the Fanatec control panel in Windows before starting any sim, it sees the pedals and they all check out and when I open the wheel dialog it does fine when I turn the wheel one way but then when I turn it back the other, it seems to lose the connection and the wheel diagram stops reacting to me turning the wheel.

    I think this is probably one of those silly hardware related things as I've been pretty thorough on the software side. It doesn't work with iRacing, Assetto, DirtRally or PCars. I have a newer Asus ROG laptop. Whats the rule these days with cabling? Do I need to have a certain spec USB cable to make sure everything works fine? I've used the setup (wheel/pedals/laptop before but it seems to have an issue now.


  2. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    I believe that early Fanatec kit prefer USB2 ports so if you have a spare one try that.

    Also in the PC power options go into advanced settings and try this little USB trick to stop windows from turning ports off -

    Ok hope this helps get this sorted mate, if not I am sure another member will have the correct answer for you.