Sell Fanatec CSW v2.5, selection of Fanatec wheels, Cockpit and monitor stand

dave kirk

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Nov 8, 2016
Reason for sale is I will am awaiting upgrades

UK- collection only for larger items, can ship the wheels, would love to sell them all as a bundle.
Putting them up here before I try ebay

Fanatec CSV 2.5 (less than 6 months old) - SOLD

Maclaren with QR (less than 6 months old) - SOLD

formula rim (non carbon version) around 12-18 months old - £120 (cost £220)

CSL rim (around a year old) - £100 (cost £185)

NLR F1GT with monitor stand - around 4-5 months old - £325 (cost £550)

total cost to buy was £1750 will sell for £1200

PM if interested


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