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Fanatec csw ffb settings?

Thomas Cameron

Don't give me your patter
Nov 30, 2013
As the title says,I'm normally ok with this but just don't know where to start any help ?
It's just numb to me..:(:D
I take that back,you just have to set it up per car on the setup screen on track. It work just the same as r3e in it calculates and let's you adjust via vertical longitudinal and vertical values and puts it all together.
getting the feel for it..;)
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Oct 5, 2014
My CSW v2 feels very light with the default settings.
It does vary a bit per car. For example the BMW E30 Grp A has almost no resistance whatsoever, the wheel turns left to right almost freely, while the BMW M3 GT2 feels somewhat more connected. Still, overall the cars feel very light.
What settings should I work with primarily? There are so many to choose from! ;)

Thomas Cameron

Don't give me your patter
Nov 30, 2013
I've just been working with overall ffb at 100 leaving the other 4 @100 and adjusting the master scale to suit the car.. so so results

Also another important factor iv'e read is adjusting the spindle arm angle (just like in rf or gsce) so approx 30-33 for 900 degrees rotation. ;)

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