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Misc Fanatec Clubsport Wheel V2 (CSW V2) F1 2013 Control-Files 1.2

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Crash-and-more submitted a new resource:

Fanatec Clubsport Wheel V2 (CSW V2) F1 2013 Control-Files - control-file replacement to turn CSW V2 into a supported wheel

The XML files here are customized control files for some Codemasters-titles exclusively for the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Version 2 (CSW V2). These files are not compatible with the Clubsport Wheel Version 1 (CSW V1). Don't use it with a CSW V1!!

Neither the Fa. Codemasters, nor the Fa. Fanatec is involved in the production of these files. So please understand that the companies do not support these files.

The (very small) files in this package are not only for Grid Autosport, but also for the...

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