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Fanatec Clubsport Pedal Tuning Kit Review

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Here is the next xmas hardware review! This time we are going to look at Fanatecs very comprehensive 'tuning kit' for the already massivley adjustable and impressive Clubsport pedal set from Fanatec. Can this kit really improve upon what I think is near perfection (in my view) already?


    Lets see!

    Okay, first off, the format for this review will be slightly different due to the type of product, but I will still go into a fair degree detail........

    Presentation and contents:

    First of all, the kit comes really well packaged and presented, as you can see in the picture above, the parts are held in nice foam trays inside the box. Not just nice presentation, it makes the packaging ideal to continue storing the parts inside that you are not currently using, a good start!

    Inside the box you will find:

    • Brake/Clutch pedal plate (to replace the gas pedal for increased adjustability or inverted pedals)
    • Spring for gas pedal (regular)
    • Spring for gas pedal (30% weaker)
    • Spring for gas pedal (30% stronger)
    • Spring for clutch pedal (regular)
    • Spring for clutch pedal (30% weaker)
    • Spring for clutch pedal (30% stronger)
    • PU Foam for brake (regular)
    • PU Foam for brake – smaller diameter (for reduced friction)
    • Metal bar short for brake (Good for placing the pedal in the second hole position for higher stiffness at same throw)
    • Metal bar long for brake (reduce throw at same stiffness)
    • 6 pedal axis bearings made of brass
    • Lubricant for PU foam
    • Lubricant for metal bars
    This really is a comprehensive kit! On the adjustment front, the spring selection for the gas and clutch pedals really increase the range of adjustment as do the PU foams and alternate metal bars for the brake. You can now, with this kit, make really quite substantial changes to the 'feel' of the pedals. But it doesnt end here, the kit also includes six replacement 'brass' bearings for the pedals. The bearings make an already well fitting set of pedal axis even better and smoother over the original plastic types. They come reamed and ready to fit and is a fairly simple process.
    Next up, you may have noticed a replacment pedal plate, might seem an odd thing to include at first, but actualy, its a great idea if you wish to invert your pedals and shows that Fanatec really listen to customer feedback by including this item. Lastly, you will find two bottles of lubricant, one for the metal surfaces and one specifically for the PU Foam in the brake block (a very handy inclusion).

    Driving with the 'tuned' CSP's :

    I opted to fit the 30% stiffer springs to both the clutch and gas pedals first. WOW! big difference, plus you still have the built in 'spring tension' adjustment to play with too. For me this was an improvment, but again, its all personal taste as to your preference!

    The smaller PU Foam insert makes a noticable change and reduces the pedal pressure. Add to this the shorter or longer brake bar and the adjustable 'pivot hight' the available adjustment is simply amazing now!



    Did it make a real difference? Oh yes, in fairness the standard CSP's are in my honest opinion nearing perfection as they are! But the quality and thought that has gone into this kit and the further adjustments really add to the pedals and just push them closer to perfection for me! I think some of you may wonder that I always write 'rave' reviews of Fanatecs products, but I honestly rate them as I see them and also only review what I think will be top notch products also (I'm guessing you dont want to see poor quality items reviewed!)

    If you already own a set of CSP's, dont mess about, order this kit now, you will love it!


    Now this part is, errr, well, a little bit embarasing for me....... I made a small mistake when I dissasembled the CSP's to fit some of the components from the kit. I neglected to unhook the small plug that connects the load cell to the PCB. This small error meant I pulled the cable slightly as I released the pedals whilst under the tension from the springs. No visable damage (infact I never even noticed the cable get pulled as I was thinking I was being carefull!!). A quick and very embarrasing e-mail to Thomas and he kindly sent me out a new load cell............

    You have been warned, unplug the load cell BEFORE you undo anything else!!!

    Value : 97/100 At 49.95 Euro's, you get an awful lot for your money

    Functionality : 99/100 Couldnt work much better to be honest!

    Quality : 97/100 Once again, top stuff, beautifully made, finnished and packaged!

    RD Rating: 293/300 Only the CSP's themselves scored higher, enough said....

    Buy One?? : Its on my xmas prezzie list along with the CSP's thanks Santa :)


  2. Will Marquez

    Will Marquez

    I've been on the fence about ordering these for my CSPs and now might have to give these a shot! If there is a Sim-racing Santa out there, hook a brother up! lol :D

    Thanks for another thorough review Brian! Well done mate! :)
  3. Łukasz Demolin

    Łukasz Demolin

    Fantastic stuff, I just can't wait too see how ClubSport Shifter is going to look considering the marvels Fanatec is doing with the pedals.
  4. Koppieo


    Hello Guys!

    I must say a clear review and as I already own CSP I ordered this set a few months ago. Last week I received them by UPS. I haven't had the opportunity to apply it on my CSP, but I will soon. The only thing I'm missing is perhaps a kind of user manual, maybee then Brian wouldn't have had the problem with the load cell either.
  5. Johnny Carr

    Johnny Carr

    Excellent review.I just received my CSP tuning kit.I waited 5 business days to have it shipped from California in the USA to Vancouver Canada.Considering it had to go through customs I couldn't imagine getting them any quicker. The kit comes with all you mentioned above plus 3 pivot pins.2 with magnets and 1 without for the brake.On the pivot pins with magnets the drill marks where the set screw goes is in a different position than on the stock pivot pins.This has the magnets set at a different angle that the stock magnets are.Does anyone know why? I did noticed the last time I cleaned my pedals that the pivot pin was wearing where it rubs inside the hole it sits in on the pedal.The pin is becoming oval or oblong so I'm happy to have spares.