Fanatec clubsport or thrustmaster f1 integral

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by crankshaft, May 18, 2012.

  1. crankshaft


    I realize the Clubsport is not out yet but I need to upgrade my wheel and am interested in peoples feedback regarding these 2 wheels. I was about to buy the Thrustmaster and order the SLI mod, when I saw a preview video for the Clubsport with the F1 wheel attached (

    Now I am uncertain which I should buy. I would get the pedals as well if I bought the Fanatec wheel. Anyone have experience with the TM f1 wheel and the CSR elite so I can get an idea if maybe I should wait till September for the Fanatec release? thanks

  2. mikem


    Although I've never used the Fanatec CSR-E, I'm currently using the TM T500RS with the optional F1 rim (and the GT rim as well). My advice- if you're patient enough, wait for the CSW. I wasn't willing to wait because along with the delay (of the CSW) and I'm sure the limited availability of the first production run, I'm also wary of anything that's quite new and untested.