Wanted Fanatec circular wheel rim

Hi everyone,

I'm in the market for a circular Fanatec rim.

I currently have the Formula rim, which is great, but sometimes I want something more traditionally shaped. This could be a P1, BMW GT2, or whatever. However it does need to have buttons, so the classic styles are out.

I'm running a ClubSport v2 on PC. As far as I'm aware, that means any one will work for me.
Hi Kieran

I have the Forza wheel with the xbox universal hub, works fine on pc. Has hardly been used at all as I also have the BMW rim. No boxes with it unfortunately as the other half had a clean in the man cave and decided they were just rubbish!

Looking for £300 plus delivery.


I have an NRG Innovations wheel with a universal hub (I lost a few buttons, but it still has 6). And yes, the universal hub is the one where you can move the buttons around.

I'm looking for $50 + shipping for the wheel alone, or $210 + shipping for the hub and wheel.


NRG Wheel


Fanatec Hub w/ 2 button modules (Currently attached to Fanatec Flat 1 rim)
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