F1500 utter nonsense

Rob Every

Original poster
May 31, 2008
Never really got round to trying the F1500 series.

And now I see why?

What in Gods name were Polyphony thinking?

the cars are awful to drive, the AI is insane (two guys leading 15 second in front of everyone after 4 bloody laps), ramming you all the time, insanely fast.

I tried the hardest race at Suzuka last night, car maxed out, and these sons of bitches are blowing by me on the straight, ramming me out the race, rubber banding to the point were the bloke in last is lapping 3 seconds a lap faster than me all of a sudden despite the fact I just went from 16th to 3rd in 4 laps!

Its almost like KAZ told them to include an impossible level, a stupidly nothing like the rest of the game level.

Things like this really piss me off, there is no need for it, it just highlights that this was never tested properly and should be reigned in, it is nothing like any other series or section of the game adn totaly ruins the experience