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F105 GP Fetish after watching - possible hotlap comp?

Dec 14, 2008
hi all,
after watching each qualifing and racing session i keep having urges to drive f1 cars around the said circuit.

for example, today after qualifing i had to have a blitz around silverstone with the f105 mod.

Completely enjoyed it!! didnt get within 10 secs of the pole time today though.

It shows how good the drivers are that me, in my seat, in my house, with no g force or mental presure, cant get near there times (albeit the mod is of a different year).

does anyone feel the same?

id love to have a race or hotlap comp with the f105 mod for the duration of each race weekend.

what do you guys think?



Oct 27, 2008
yeah i've been doing that for this f1 season, it helps in watching the sport knowing that you've been on the track with a similar car

Kennett Ylitalo

Oct 23, 2008
F1s would be interesting but i just can't keep those beasts on track without any aids (Heheheh) .... No but seriously, they are out of my league.

I have driven almost every weekend a "drivethru", 10-20 laps on the GP-track with the trusted old F1 99-02 Challenge with traction control on but that is sooo different game. It does give a different perspective watching the real race when you know more about the track, know where you can loose the grip, where to downshift and brake etc . The spins, slips and crashes IRL seems so much understandable that way. And you have the occasional "beat-the-commentator-before-he-says-why-it-happens" moments and everybody in the room hates you for it....
Dec 14, 2008
come on then, even if we do a small server, on race weekend with the f105 mod.
you have to go fast and hard enough to get the heat in, then you`ll be cooking!!!

you know you wanna!