F1 wheel for Fanatec CSW Adapter?

Paul Jeffrey

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Hi folks,
I'll be taking possession of a wheel adapter for my Fanatec CSW v2 in the next few days and was wondering, does anyone know if a F1 style wheel is available that I can use on the adapter? I have the Fanatec F1 wheel (actually its broken but that's another story ;)) and I would really like to attach an F1 style wheel, but at a decent price, if one exists? Something that looks like the Thrustmaster F1 rim would be awesome, but I'm open to ideas folks!


What do you mean with wheel adapter? Do you mean a custom adapter that fits on the Fanatec Quick Release? Otherwise I guess you could use the Fanatec Universal Hub and connect a smaller wheel to that, if that is what you mean =)

On a side note, how broken is your Fanatec F1 wheel? Maybe consider selling it for parts, I could be interested if the price is right hehe. Send me a PM if you thinking about it =)

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Hiya C0rn,
Thanks for the reply..
Sorry, I think I wasn't clear in my original post. I have bought the ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub EU and am in the market for an F1 style (or F1 replica) wheel that will fit it. I've already bought a couple of nice rims (on GT & one historic) but I really fancy something that looks like an open wheel car, but looks better / more realistic than the F1 rim by Fanatec.
Regarding my broken one, its one of the pins in the back that's come off. I will be contacting Fanatec soon to get it sorted so sorry, not for sale ;)

Unless you are prepared to part with lots of money for something like a sam maxwell wheel (http://www.sammaxwellcustoms.com/) then you are kind of out of luck I think.
Here's a few options to consider anyways;
The official rims, formula cars other than the top tier tend to use small round or half round wheels like these;
Then there's always ebay;
Lastly, if you want a cheap option (and by saying you want something that looks better than the Fanatec Formula rim you don't :p) there's the option of modding on a SRW S1 wheel:
But yeah, no, you don't want that :p


SRW-S1 is NOT a quality stand alone wheel, Its plastic and WILL break over time. Button box/Hand brake is a good side job for them.

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Cheers @Kjell Eilertsen - thanks for the links, problem is I really fancy one that looks much more F1 than the standard Momo / OMP ones on the market, and for what Fanatec charge, I'd rather have a look see what else is around to be honest.. had a look at those Sam Maxwell one's and they actually look really really good, impressive what he does with just basic wheels... again though, he knows how to charge doesnt he!

@William Geuze now that's what i'm talking about :cool:. Cant find any prices on the site though :( Google time!

Cheers guys!
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