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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 164 19.6%
  • Boots

    Votes: 36 4.3%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 76 9.1%
  • None

    Votes: 562 67.1%

F1 Survey

I'm doing some independent research into some of the changes Liberty Media are making, will make or could possible make to F1.

My first attempt at the survey is here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GMFT76C

If you could fill it in I would greatly appreciate it, once I've had some time to analyse it I'll post the results on here when I get the time.

Also if you have some feedback on it or something you'd want me to add to it your welcome to comment on it.
There are stupid rules in F1 to try to level the playing field but they just make it harder to run the team.
If a car goes wide on exit to a turn its exceeding track limits. If the driver muscles car back to track that is racing. But cutting across in a shortcut in a tangent to track and shortening the distance is the only reason for a penalty as you are shortening the track. Running wide is lengthening the track and punting driver at a time disadvantage so he has to push harder with more power.
The teams should be able to alter setups from session to session to get the best setup on the car. Just put surveillance cameras or officials in garage to make shore nothing is tampered with. At least let them alter setup from a wet session and a dry session.
Reverse grids will not work they will lead to accidents and pace car witch eats race laps. Maybe a staggered start cars eliminated from Q3 start. Wait then Q2 eliminents and the Q1. Maybe start cars in sectors Q3 on the start and finish. Q2 on a sector 3 grid. and Q1 on sector 1 grid. By the time they all catch up the feild would be spread out evenly