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Yesterday this thread popped into my head...
It's not that no one ever asked the same before, but i want to explain some things from my POV regarding F1 and then, i am very curious to see how others think on that subject, in this thread. I cannot remember having this subject for conversation here.

What i am talking about?
I am talking about the way you watch F1, like from a driver POV or team POV? What is the difference? The difference is you cheer for driver and you cheer him no matter if he goes into the team you dislike the most or does some things bad on the track but yet you approve that because you know, that if you was there you'd do the same, for the victory OR you watch F1 like team manager, who is bothering with both drivers, like i once was (half 2007) and watching just like that without any passion, no fav driver, you have a team you have two drivers, and you don't bother. You have them both they are good in 2-3 or 4 years, new driver comes, might be one you shout against and now you are like "good boy you are good common" there you go, new blood and you support him too, just because he drives the car of your favorite team. Now they both collide and you are angry about that, you care for the points of the team and most likely is you know more about the constructors titles than the legendary fights between drivers in the past, i.e. whole beauty of the sport - you missed it.

F1 is not about being friendly with others, its not about being nice and smiling its not about to let go each that tries to pass you, its not about listening to team orders but totally the opposite way! And anyone who denies that probably, they care more for the team than the driver they support, who happen to be just the leader of the team, at the time. And that will change.

From always i have known for myself there is one driver. The car bad or good important or not the driver always does the biggest difference and the one in the same garage, that is him who you should beat first, to prove a point, "i am better!". Raised with the story of the legends and heroes who fought and died in the races i couldn't watch F1 any different and no one should.

Although i believe i am not expressing myself really good, i think you are getting the point of this thread.
For ex. Webber - Vettel, Malaysia 2013. I can count on hand how many supported Vettel and i cannot count on both feet and hand how many were against that move. If i was in the same situation? I'd do the same, i don't give a (teeeet) !!! "I drive to win. I dreamed of being Champion since kid, there is no way this guy is in front of me just because some silly team orders." And there you are, making a move. But my POV is like driver and i think like Vettel not like Horner. I watch F1 like being one of them there and there are others who watch F1 from the paddock, lets say.

Now, it might be just an opinion, but in mine, when i watched F1 like that in 2007 after Schumacher retired, although it was interesting season but till today i think that is the most, for me, empty (emotionally) season i ever watched, no offense, but worst way. Where is the passion there?

I have my friends telling me on occasions :) "naah Dusko leave it, you are always for the best you are always changing drivers, once you was for Schumi now you are for Vettel, wasn't you for Ferrari?" i laugh at him and reply "You speak about drivers and jump on team?" and i continue "Ferrari? I didn't care about the Ferrari, i cared yes, it was the team in which Schumi drove, but i watched Schumi, if Schumi left, bye bye Ferrari. What about you, you say you are for Ferrari, so you was for Fisi, Schumi, Irvine, Barrichello, Kimi, Alonso, Massa, who?" What Ferrari would have meant to me if my fav driver left? I should have for example admire the car and believe she would do the same even without the master behind the wheel? Hell no!
And of course those types would tell you a champion is a champion because of the car, but if you try to understand deeper whats going on, you wont say that.

I might now be little, or little more, harsh, but i don't know how else to put so i will say it that for me people who watch the other way i mentioned doesn't understand F1 for real and it's sad really sad way to watch it. F1 is not about the Ferrari against McLaren or Williams. At least not for me. I'd rather feel with the living characters who shape history. That's F1 all about

I would appreciate everyone's opinion!
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But i still think traditional teams should stay in F1. Williams, Mc, Ferrari, Sauber... They are still more interesting than Red Bull, Toro Rosso.... They are m,ore like marketing machines which destroys a bit of passion of the sport.