F1 Collector's Edition

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  1. Yeah i wanna have a F1 2017 Collector's Edition

  2. No i am not interested in such a Edition

  1. hansi0511


    Hy Formula 1 Fans,
    my Name is Hans-Jörg I am a student and like you I am a big F1 Fan, so I decided to create something special for my flat matching my passion for F1.

    As you can see it is a wooden replicate of the Red Bull Ring and it measures about 50cm x 50 cm (19,685" x 19,685")

    I showed it to my friends and they liked it a lot and also wanted one of those, and i think some you want something like this too.

    Then I thought that it would be a cool idea for a "F1 2017 Collector's Edtion" , to include such a "Woodtrack" in the packaging( of course not only the Red Bull Ring, i can make other tracks too [​IMG] ).

    So i would like to start a poll about such a edition, and if their are many people who like idea, i try to get in contact with Codemasters and talk with them.

    And in the end i want to show you some pictures of my "F1 2016 Collector's Edition".