F1 - Chinese Grand Prix - Race Results

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    Formula 1 spectators enjoyed a fantastic race at China's Shangai racetrack. Just like the first two races, Pirelli tyres had a massive impact on the excitement. This time, the grid seperated into two strategies: 2 stops and 3 stops.


    Race started with a surprise as the polesitter Sebastian Vettel lost his place to both McLarens and barely managed to keep his 3rd position from Nico Rosberg. Jenson Button took the lead, Lewis Hamilton followed him. At Ferraris, Felipe Massa overtook Fernando Alonso. Michael Schumacher was another good starter as he gained several places.

    Then at the first laps we witnessed a plenty number of overtakings and battles in the mid-field. Until the first stops, there was not such a big challange. After the first stops, the color of the race was changed. With an early stop strategy, Rosberg took the lead, and Vettel overtook Button in the pitlane, where Button wrongly entered to Red Bull pitbox and then went to his own. Another surpriser Massa took the 3rd.

    But later we see that these ultimate position changes were the reason of different pitstop strategies. A group of teams went for 2 stops, while others sticked to 3rd. McLaren and Mark Webber showed us that 3 stops was the right choice.

    After the last stops, Vettel was leading, but as he did only 2 stops, his tyres were dying. And Hamilton was coming like a mad. On the way, he overtook Button, Alonso and Massa. Another crazy on the track was Webber. Austrualian started the race at 18th place. But in the final laps he was behind of Button on 3rd. With his fresh tyres he easily overtook Button and took the last step of the podium.

    However, the real battle was on the front. Hamilton caught Vettel just a few laps prior to finish. As Hamilton had fresh tyres, also Vettel was unable to use KERS, Britian took the lead and cruised to victory.

    Ferraris had another disappointing race, while Mercedes Gp proved that they have more than that they had showed us. Renaults had a terrible race, while Team Lotus was delighted because of Heikki Kovalainen's finishing in front of Pastor Maldonado and Sergio Perez.


    Results are taken from Autosport, write up belongs to RD
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    spectacular recovery for mark webber...a superb race for him :D
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    Terry Rock

    Good battles all over the place. I was hoping Jenson could hang on but Mark drove "like a man possessed". Great to see Lewis overcome the fuel leak and put in such a spirited drive.