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F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
First of all a few simple rules with regards to posting videos in this F1 2020 subforum.
  • If you like your videos to be seen by thousands of RaceDepartment users consider upgrading to premium and post your Youtube videos, Twitch and Mixer livestreams in this dedicated video gallery instead of burying it here in a monster thread :)
  • We don't not allow new threads to be created with the sole purpose of spamming videos. Our members don't like this and it's against our rules. We are predominantly a text forum for discussions and support.
  • To summarize you can only post your videos in this thread or for a bigger reach you can use the videos gallery.
Secondly we hope you create fabulous content for the community.

Best of luck and enjoy!

Charlie Lockwood

RaceDepartment Writer
Hey everyone,

I did my first ever game review and would appreciate any feedback if you guys can spare 5 mins! I have a little experience working in F1 and am looking to get into blogging and doing videos that make F1 more accessible. Still learning lots with every video and would welcome any thoughts about what could be better.

Thank you, and I hope you have a great week either way!

First time back on a F1 game since F1 2017! Absolutely loving F1 2020!
I am a former professional driver turned sim racer (ran outta money).. I post daily content from a range of different motorsports on a range of different sims! sub for more!
Hi all guys, sorry for this new thread but I need to know if this F1 2020 has "steering assist" on the "Aid at the wheel" menu like it did in F1 2014?
I have 2 Codemasters games, one is F1 2014 and the other is F1 2018 but on 2014 the car fits into the ideal trajectory while on F1 2018 it doesn't have this help.
Besides F1 2014, are there other versions of Codemasters in which they have included steering wheel help?
Thanks everyone and have a good game!