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F1 2020 F1 2020 | Update 1.5 Now Available On PC - Console To Follow

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
Hope they introduce mouse control sooner or later, navigating the menu's with the weird button configuration on my F1 Fanatec wheel or the F buttons on my keyboard is giving me a headache.
honestly it does not inspire me anymore, it seems to me an outdated title .. VR game with race setup the real simulator for true simracing fans ..
That is because they are not scared, they just don't care about the marginal amount of players who are interested in driving in their F1game if it had VR. So they cannot conceive to spend any time and particularly money on VR users.

Much easier to milk the usual crowd selling them the exact same game year after year. I have zero interest in hacking any half ass VR wannabe experience, for this game or any other when I can spend time in excellent VR implementation in other game (but thank you for offering).

Yesterday afternoon I raced a full 1991 F1 grid in Hockenheim, thank you ASR, in AC, it was epic. Codemaster can take their time, no issue for me.

Biggest discussion threads on steam F12020 are about VR. The game engine is same than Dirt Rally 2.0 which has native VR-support. The developement cost can't be the issue as they have done it for Dirt Rally 2.0 that is far less popular (7-10x less popular regarding just to steam charts).

I'm fairly sure the extra sales from "No-VR, no buy" would easily cover the expenses for developement cost for native VR-support. I would say they are just leaving money on the table here unless they have plans to change the game engine for next years release.