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Misc F1 2019 Monaco realistic sponsors update 2.0

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RAYNERPS3235 submitted a new resource:

F1 2019 Spain realistic sponsors update - Add this mod to update Monaco like the 2019 real life Monaco Grand Prix

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With this mod you have:
-F1 2019 Board switched to Tag Heuer and Heineken boards
-Added "Monaco 77e Grand Prix" boards
-Updated Zepter boards (The game uses the 2017 boards)
-Added "Casino de Monte-Carlos" and "Casino Cafe de Paris" boards
-Switched F1 Experiences board to When you drive never drink boards

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your mods are really great. Can you check the monaco sponsor update please?
After the installation my game crashed in time trail mode, if I change the cars and conditions.

Hope you can help me.
Greetings from Germany