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F1 2019 Modding Requests


If you have any mod request for F1 2019, post it only in this thread.
Hello everybody
I wanted to know if one of you could make a Bugatti skin on the Williams chassis for the game.
As i can't manage to make Photoshop properly i can't do it myself even with more than a day of trying to...
If someone could do it I would be really grateful.
Hi guys,now that we've seen Haas new livery and we got a skin of the new car livery can someone please update the team suits,helmets,caps etc please?
Thanks a lot


I would like someone else to do Benetton B193 livery to replace Haas with driver suits for F1 2019 with all of the numbers in blue including Every 2019 drivers, Devon Butler and Lukas Weber.

Pics of Benetton B193:




I suppose with McLaren pairing back up with Mercedes, a West McLaren Mercedes tribute livery would be nice?

Grooved tyres on the modern cars might be nice too!
Hi is there a mod or some way to adjust the sound in this stupid game? When racing the engine sound from other cars is too loud. Any way to reduce or turn off their volumes?
I guess this would be quite nice. Possibly the Red Bull in the current Toro Rosso colors too.


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Can anyone make a mod that changes tyre temps under SC and VSC so that tyre temps drop off massively. I think it would be fun to have cold tyres during restarts.)
Looking for someone who's interested in re-doing (or close to it) the skin I worked on (see attached picture). Unfortunately, the model doesn't work in 3D for me as my PS is not a full version and doesn't recognize the .dds plugin. That's why I only have a side perspective, if needed I could pre-design it with a front view (need some sort of Screenshot lol)

It has to be with the SF-90 Chassis, that's why I edited it on the SF-90 model. Willing to do the pre-work kinda stuff if needed, would also provide the Logos and stuff (edited some logos by myself).

Feel free to PM me, would highly apprecciate it!
Thanks in advance!

Kindly request an upload of the redbull racing suit logos and mipmaps. Mine are corrupted and I have been unable to fix. Thanks very much in advance.
Kindly request an upload of the redbull racing suit logos and mipmaps. Mine are corrupted and I have been unable to fix. Thanks very much in advance.
Open Steam library - click right mouse button on F1 2019 - properties - local files - verify integrity. Steam will recheck game files and redownload corrupted ones.
Salve vorrei sapere se è possibile poter trasferire e sostituire in carriera la F1 con la F2 2019 ... Perché mi piacerebbe davvero poter provare e fare la Carriera con la F2 2019.
Così che in F1 2014 si può creare una carriera con vetture d'epoca.
Vi ringrazio per tutte le mod che create.