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F1 2016 Fantasy Gameplay


Jul 12, 2018
Hey guys,
just wanted to share some of my creations inspired by some of you guys here in this forum and Aarava's videos. BIG BIG thanks to all modders that share their files and 3d models and ideas and and..... anyway the video is nothing special at all, i uploaded for the second time something to youtube, so dont expect high editing quality :D.

i just show off the cars , and do 2 qualifying laps in Spa at the end.
The original mod i used is from arvaimate00 , which did a perfect job!
my video:

Link to the original mod here: https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/career-mode-5th-season-package-file-1.131559/
Momentaufnahme 2 (7-26-2018 4-47 AM).png
Momentaufnahme 3 (7-26-2018 4-47 AM).png
Momentaufnahme 4 (7-26-2018 4-48 AM).png