F1 2010 Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Günthar Rowe, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Günthar Rowe

    Günthar Rowe

    Some very good info here:
  2. PoleGrabber


    Thanks, been looking for an easy remapping of my G27.

  3. Werner Van Aswegen

    Werner Van Aswegen

    My display driver boms out to black screen when I try to ply this game.

    System specs:
    Win 7 Ultimate 64
    4gb Ram
    Intel core 2 Due E8400 3GHz
    ATI HD 4850 with the latest drivers (10.9)

    What a dissapointment this has been so far for me :(
  4. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    The game fires up fine, runs well in time trial mode, any track/car but the second I try to go to race/GP mode it crashes every time CTD. This has all the feelings of a quickly ported 'xbox'/'PS3' game, that is more akin to a Beta than a tested PC version?????? Im tring not to down the game, but the FFB was a nightmare to set up, its defualt was laughable, the CTD's............Shame, as finally I'm starting to think after sorting all the silly issues it was a good game.....

    Anyone help?
  5. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

    99,99% of the CTD's are hardware related. Haven't got a single one so far. And I am alt-tabbing a lot :)
  6. weeges


    Here are my "bad" experiences...

    Thus far I have had little bad to say about this game unlike, it seems so many others. I suppose it is because I have a pretty strong understanding of the amount of work it takes to develop a video game - not personally involved so to speak but have a cousin who is deeply involved with MS -Gaming for XBox /360.

    1. My issue really boils down to two things....the fact that I cannot run this game in full screen and instead have to have a windowed version at wide screen resolutions.....all else being equal this works well enough but I hate the distractions of seeing my mouse cursor floating across the screen on occasion....

    2.IN GP mode all seems fine until I get into the garage, then the monitor that allows me to view and change settings is all screwed up....and the interface between myself and the engineer is all bogged down...until I finally select go to track then voila - all back to normal speeds.....

    This game is very well done from a graphical perspective with Dynamic weather....would be great if they could get dynamic time of day too.....other than that I am comfortable playing/waiting to get a patch that will address the major issues....
  7. Andrew Macpherson

    Andrew Macpherson

    Why can't you run fullscreen? It's alt-enter to switch.
  8. metalman84


    PLease need some help.

    Sorry about my english... I reinstall windows 7, before that, i did a backup of mygames/formulaone/savegame, but didn´t backup my local profile (games for windows live) .... I did reinstall the game but when i create a new offline profile and copy the save game in mygames/formulaone/savegame, it can´t load it......

    Hope you can understand my poor english.
  9. Dag Erik Lund

    Dag Erik Lund

    Hi metalman!
    I think I can help you, because I have just done the same thing myself.
    I also had a backup of my savegame, and didn't got it to work at first. What I did was;

    1.When the game starts, just register a new profile, and go through the screens and the initial press conference. Enable autosave.

    2. When finally in the paddock, quit the game.

    3. Then, locate the new autosave folder in the mygames/formulaone/savegame path. It's named something like AutoSave_"lettersandnumbers". Then open that folder.

    4. Then copy all of the files in the "backup savegame" folder, and paste within in the new autosave folder.

    5. Launche the game, it should be everything as it used to be!

    This method worked for me, got my career progress back, graphics and wheel settings etc. Let me know how it goes :)
  10. Nickitich


    HELP, please!!!
    the game crashes at any monent with the same report
    AppName: f1_2010_game.exe AppVer: ModName: f1_2010_game.exe ModVer: Offset: 0028b3c2

    i tried on Win XP SP3, Win 7....my config Intel e5200 & GF 8800 GT (also tried on e8500 & HD 5870), using graphical drivers 258.96 for GeForce and 10.10 for AMD ...setup official patch, different mods, but the problem REMAINS!!!

  11. Ben Sinica

    Ben Sinica

    I'm having problems playing online since I setup triple screens.

    Offline I can race with Ultra settings fine, but online I have decreased the settings all the way to low but still get shuttering once every lap.

    I am going crazy trying to fix this
  12. Kevin Eckert

    Kevin Eckert

    my game randomly freezes after a race in the loading screen. this is really frustrating. i tried 27# Fix to Game Crashes Errors When Loading Race in F1 2010 but my game keeps crashing. has anybody experienced this and found a solution? let me know. EDIT my x-fi seems to be the problem. i changed the audio mode to software and i had no freezes so far.
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