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Seasons F1 2002 MOD (PART 1) PART 1

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Thang Nguyen submitted a new resource:

F1 2002 MOD (PART 1) - F1 2002 SEASON MOD

Hi all! :)
In real life, as you know, Michael Schumacher totally overwhelmed the rest of the field in the 2002 season, scoring 17 out of 17 possible podiums; while the points his team accumulated were equal to those of the others.
Moreover, Arrows went bankrupt and were folded after the German Grand Prix.
What if you could go back 17 years to either stop Michael's dominance or save Arrows?

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Does this have that irritating pit lane crash at imola where all the AI take themselves and each other out?

Downloading now.
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hi mate,
the problem here could be the missing files of the safety car.
here I show u how to fix it:
- Step 1: go to ur F1 2013 game directory.
- Step 2: click on 'cars' folder, then click on 'sc2'
- Step 3: now u'll see there are two folders named 'balanced' and 'track', click on the 'balanced' one first.
- Step 4: u'll see a lot of .CTF files, but hey you needn't try to edit it.
- Step 5: Choose one of the 'sc2_<name of track>.CTF' files (not the Monaco or Monza track)
- Step 6: Press Ctrl+C to copy and then Ctrl+V to paste the file, in the same folder (multiple times).
- Step 7: rename the copied files as 'sc2_san_marino.CTF' for San Marino, 'sc2_hockenheim.CTF' for Germany and 'sc2_austria.CTF' for Austria (the French GP is the Indian track so no worries)
- Step 8: repeat the steps 4-7 but this time in the 'track' folder.
hope this instruction will help u ;)
mhaba ben dosyaları indirdim fakat ne yapıcam winrarla çıkartıp nereye atıcam yada direk mi atıcam dosyaları yardım lütfen
Merhaba, dosyaları indirdim, dosyaları doğrudan atacağım ya da winrar ile kaldırdığım dosyaları atacağım, kafam karıştı yardım lütfen nn
Hey mate, i have problem. Game crash when i started GP Austria. I try reinstal the mode, but austria always crash...

Me too my game often crashes at times, I don't know where it comes from and it's a shame, I would also love to see this super mod for F1 2012.
Ok bon j'ai fait ce que tu as dit pour une personne ça marche mais d'un autre côté la piste est buggée, l'IA roule de n'importe quelle façon et quand l'ordinateur conduit les voitures dans les stands, les voitures s'écrasent contre le mur à l'entrée, donc ça ne fonctionne pas :(
Eh bien j'abandonne, ce mod est génial mais ne fonctionne pas du tout, le jeu plante constamment, vous courez et frappez après l'or de la sauvegarde qu'il plante, ou parfois l'or de la charge, c'est dommage car c'est un bon mod sinon :(
encuentro un error ayúdame! Por favor. no se puede jugar modo trayectoria ni quick race en imola se chrashea el juego. creo que se debe al archivo raceload.jpk. esto tiene solución para jugar el mod 2002 modo trayectoria sin crasheo del juego? disculpen no se hablar ingles agradesco mucho por este gran trabajo.
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I have a problem ... I find an error, help me! Please. Can't play trajectory mode or quick race in imola the game chrashes. I think it is due to the raceload.jpk file. this has a solution to play the mod 2002 trajectory mode without crashing the game? Excuse me, I don't speak English. I really appreciate this great job. I want to play a f1 season from 2001 or 2002, without crashing errors
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