F1 1990's Aero Dynamics (anyone have actual data for the diffuser? rear or front wings?

In my attempt to try make F1 1990's car mod''s as accurate as possible. I've modded a few car's, changing their weight, power, suspension system and tires and aerodynamic's. I've watched actual qualifying times and determined their top to speed to guessed how much drag they have. I found this a few day's ago, which is like a computerized version of wind-tunnel. https://www.simscale.com/forum/t/1990s-formula-car-high-and-low-noses-comparison/82704/2, really insightful and it's the same values that assetto corsa takes.

I had a look at a few mod's and their wing setup, they're very similar to this simscale data but I find diffuser can be different for most. I would like know how much did the Mclaren MP4/5 or other 90's cars have in lift for it's diffusor? or does anyone have like the acutual Coefficients of Drag and Lift, for F1 1990's Rear and Front Wings? I was reading, it seems like they only had 3 rear wings for 1988 season, I'm not sure how many settings they had for the front wings. Would be nice if this data was in some book somewhere, would be very easy to input into assetto corsa.

I was looking into creating my own wings before, but it's complicated for me, too many variables.
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