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Exporting tracks to RSRBR09

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by TommyDa, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. TommyDa



    I started to build own tracks for RBR. Now I would like to test them, but I couldn't find any info, "How to export tracks to RBR or even better, to RSRBR09 mod?" Do I have to replace some of the old tracks? I downloaded Country roads 1.2 and I red "Readme.txt", but I couldn't still figure it out... Perhaps others are strageling with this same issue. Thanks mates!
  2. Beyou


    In order to export to RBR, use "file->export->Richard Burns Rally" in BTB.
    In order to play the stage, launch RBR, and go to "options->Plugins->RBR_RX->race". If you wanna play with the RSRBR cars, you have to go in "solo->Richard Burns Rally SSE" and then "options->Plugins->RBR_RX->race".

    Unfortunately, you can't play online with this export.
  3. TommyDa


    Thanks Beyou!
    It worked and after few test drives I believe that those tracks really needs a lot of work...!
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