Exporting rFactor/RBR files for 3D software


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Oct 14, 2012

It has past such a long time since i posted last time anything on this beautiful forum. I honestly miss the days when i used this forum more than i used facebook.

I make this post for a completely other reason rather than looking back at some memories, but if someone would've told me that one day i would pass my free time from sim-racing to do 3D modeling i would tell him he is drunk!

Well, i think i underestimated myself as well and my passion for racing and creating things, drawing, modeling and painting, as well as making videos, i learned the 3D fields (Maya) after i spent one year getting academical knowledge for i am today certified 3D artist, and, working on couple of projects involving race circuits around the world.

So, i come to my question which is, is there any program that can serve me the purpose of, getting an rFactor track, Assetto Corsa or any other, to convert it, so i can open it with Maya or 3dsMax? That means, getting an OBJ or FBX file extension?

I have been looking on the internet with no success, although i know some had done it before, first i remembered was to look and ask here, hoping someone might help me out with it.

Thank you,