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Export to rFactor: Track doesn't appear



Hi everybody,
I have a really noob question: I have created a simple kart track and exported it to rFactor. At first, when I launched the game, the track wasn't visible ingame so I checked if everything was placed where it should be under \Locations... and with the right structure \event\track...

Everything seemed ok, but somehow the track didn't appear.

Then, all of the sudden, I launched the game from the game icon (instead of using CTDP mod launcher) and suddenly the track was there! That was good... but now, I have made updates to my track, exported it again under new name (as if it was a completely new track), followed every step I took before, and the new track (the updated version) again doesn't appear!

I tried launching the game from CTDPs launcher, from the game icon... and nothing.

I then tried deleting the old track folder... but strangely enough rFactor still lists the old track and not the new one! This leads me to believe that rFactor is not "refreshing" the locations directory? Is this possible?

Anyone ran into this before? It's probably something stupid I'm doing... but somehow I'm not quite getting what it is. Any help would be appreciated.


Mar 28, 2009
HI, The same happens to me, I didnt spend time to know, solution: make it in another computer, dont ask me why, but i have got the same OS, directX dont know...



Mar 16, 2009

I know that if there are two tracks with the same filename in rFactor's Locations folder, say one in the BobsTrackBuilder folder and another in it's own folder, it will only show one of them.

I'd have a close look in Windows Explorer in GameData\Locations to make sure there's not anything there that's causing your track not to show up. Make sure it's only the new one that's there.

It has to be some confusion with directory or file names if the track isn't showing up at all I think.

Jon Sheldon

Mar 20, 2009
Check in your tracks .gbd file. You should have a line something like thihs.

Filter Properties = RoadCourse 2005 SRGrandPrix OWChallenge

It tells rfactor what mods will see the track. I'm not sure of all the mods you have but this line from my WIP allows all the mods I run to use the track.

Maybe this will help.



Ive noticed this problem as well.
It mainly happens to me, if I save my track in BTB as one name,
and export track location as a different name.
So, try saving in BTB as the same "location neame" you are going to use.

Brendon Pywell

Bob's Track Builder
Feb 26, 2009
rFactor reads in all tracks when it loads. If you create a new track under a new name then you need to exit rFactor and start it again.

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