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(Even More) Save Game Issues

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Josh Bullen, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Josh Bullen

    Josh Bullen

    Hi Everybody,

    Long Version
    So as we all know, there was that infamous problem in which, as suddenly as a ninja jumping out of a tree and kidnapping your dog, your save game could become corrupt and F1 2011 would crash. As it turns out, there was a temporary fix which allowed you to continue you're career (Although you might have lost your latest race/qualy/practice session results, it's better than losing everything!).

    So I suffered that problem, but found the fixed, and after having a couple of Deja Vu sessions, was back on track (Pun not intended). However, I've now suffered a second, even more aggrivating issue. I can play the game, and I can make progress, but it will not save. At all. Ever.

    I'm currently at the Nurburgring, I completed all the sessions, exited the game, but when I returned, I was back at the Practice stage of the same race. Confused, I did all three sessions again, and made sure I hit the 'Save' button under My F1 before I left (Even though it was already meant to be autosaving).

    Again, in rejoining, I was back to the Practice stage of the same race. I googled the problem, and found others who had this "not saving" bug, and short of completely deleting your save file and starting again (Which completely defies the purpose of having a save file), there doesn't seem to be a solution. So I must post my woes here, in the infinite knowledge of RaceDepartment.com

    So does anybody have any fix's or ideas as to why this may be happening? Just a side note, when I hit the "Save" button under F1, the "AutoSaving" icon which normally appears in the top left of the screen doesn't appear - It instantly goes back to the Save button, not even taking the time to pretend it's actually saving.

    Help me, before I break down and cry!

    Short Version
    It won't save. Help!

    Best Regards,
  2. peppesbodega2


    My F1 2011 would stop loading (starting up) after i installed new ATI drivers.
    It was the stearing wheel that messed it up. Just unplugged the Usb cable and inserted it again and the game loaded perfectly but had to configure the wheel again.
    exactly what you described above happend. I have done the Nurburgring all over again.
    Exited the game after that but havent played again. I know i skipped through a couple of sessions but set a time in each.

    I will go in now and see what happens.
    If i have to do it all over again i will set a time in each session and let the clock count down untill the end of each session.
    Then after the race do Hungary straight away to see if that helps.