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ETS2: New Finland Expansion Previews

ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 8.jpg

ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 1.jpg ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 2.jpg ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 3.jpg ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 4.jpg ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 5.jpg ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 6.jpg
The new European Truck Sim 2 upcoming DLC is fast approaching release time, and in advance of the public deployment, let us take a look at some previews from Finland.

With progress in full swing for the final touches of the 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC for European Truck Simulator 2, developers SCS Software have revealed some new preview images from the brand new Finland location within the simulation - showcasing an impressively detailed new county that is set to form part of the wider 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' map expansion.

Set to become one of the most northern parts of the current game world, the inclusion of Finland will see additional emphasis placed on the 'High Capacity Transport' freight loads. According to SCS Software, HTC is "currently one of the less common types of freight transport found within European countries. The most interesting types of HCT found consists of a truck, a semitrailer dolly, and a semitrailer".

The 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC is set to release for European Truck Sim 2 later this year.

ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 7.jpg

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May 27, 2013
Finland salute SCS software. What could ever be more amazing that hauling some serious ass... cargo around southern Finland. Maybe few beer and you feel like you are king of the area, what of course I am here.


Nov 13, 2017
Looking forward to this, it'll be fun watching them try recreate a non existent land mass.

Finland doesn't exist joke aside, this is double great for all of us who like Finland, hope they'll be adding some Sisu trucks.
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Apr 26, 2014
Ohhh yes! Maybe bring in some smaller-ish locations in Finland simply because there's so many of them and because they're all so beautiful? Somero or Forssa come to mind.. Pitkäjärvi maybe.. ahh happy smiles coming :D


May 31, 2011
Incredible amount of content they added over time. This is exceptional long-term support for a game. If I would play ETS, I would be very happy gamer, indeed.
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Nov 13, 2010
For some reason ETS always invites me to break all the limits and starts to become ETS Rally
Oct 4, 2017

Is there HTC trains?

Where I can found them?

What level I need?

--- Serious real life full trailer combination driver ---