ETS2 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Launches November 29th

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After plenty of teasing and a successful open beta phase, SCS Software have confirmed the much anticipated 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC for ETS 2 will release later this month...

Joining European Truck Simulator 2 as the latest map expansion DLC for the popular trucking title from SCS Software, the Beyond the Baltic Sea content release looks set to be one of the more substantial updates to a title that continues to receive plenty of love and attention from the development team and it's massive online community of followers.

Focussing mostly on adding a new playable area of the world map, the upcoming DLC will add 24 major new cities to the title as well as bringing a wide range of improvements and updates to existing locations within the game world.

With the map expansion set to release before the end of the month, SCS Software have revealed a new video trailer for the DLC and a first look at some of the key features from the update, which can be read below:

DLC Key Features:
  • Over 13 thousand kilometers of new in-game roads
  • Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to explore
  • Southern Finland containing major cities and industry
  • Russian territory including Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad
  • 24 new major cities and many smaller towns
  • Characteristic Baltic architecture
  • Famous landmarks and recognizable places
  • Brand new unique 3D-assets
  • Lush climate accordant vegetation
  • Local AI trains, trams, and traffic cars
  • Over 30 new local company docks and industries
  • Finland-only High Capacity Transport (a tractor and two long trailers)
  • Baltic-region achievements to unlock
ETS 2 Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC.jpg

American Truck Simulator and European Truck Simulator 2 are available to purchase for PC right now.

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Piotr Dul

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Sep 3, 2016
Gražiai :D
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Mar 2, 2010
Interesting. I've never been to any of those countries, so I guess it would be a nice way of getting a look at them.


Aug 28, 2018
This game is becoming work. I might as well be a truck driver for real and get paid. Great game with constant expansion and improvements. Thanks SCS!


Aug 28, 2018
OMG! Another paid driver :p Good luck mate anyway ;)
My luck ran out I'm afraid, but I've earned some bones in the Canadian Rockies along with ice trucking up northern Ontario to the Native Reserves. And no, I don't watch "Ice Truckers" (it's not real:thumbsup:) Even on the Prairies, I'll use the Fuller splitter all through them gears high + low range just to break the monotony. Keep the sunny side up mofo's.:sneaky:


May 8, 2011

Got a trucker buddy who just got in the real life game after playing ETS2/ATS a lot and excelled at the job! Pro at clutchless shifting in the Kenworths. Something I'd hope to see in the future is clutch work.

Certainly going to support this DLC, their detailing is amazing!

An option to require realistic inspections and a "gamey" tutorial of truck parts and knowledge would be 10/10. As i've been studying the CDL handbook, I've learned this part is HUGE for the prerequisite requirements.

Wouldn't it be cool if things like that would increase a new xp, or respect meter for a specific company? The result of good practice in this sense would increase that company's likelihood to give you more jobs, of higher mileage pay, or variety. It would encourage players to be more specifically role'd. Or heck! changing the perk system to company specific (kinda like Forza Horizon 4's change to "car mastery")
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Mar 21, 2014
Bought it in the first hour and can not put it aside using VR.
It’s such a relaxing experience driving these machines listening to FFH Rockantenne!
Worth every penny.