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ETS2 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Images Revealed

ETS 2 Saint Petersburg DLC 3.jpg
St. Petersburg is the city of focus today as SCS Software reveal some new preview images from the upcoming 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' map expansion for European Truck Sim 2...

The new map expansion for European Truck Simulator 2 is expected to release for the popular trucking sim sometime later this year, and with it will come a considerable increase in the playable game world area of a title already very fleshed out with explorable locations and delivery routes.

As can be discerned from the title of this new DLC, the map expansion has a major focus on the Baltic region, capturing some iconic scenery from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and also south of Finland and parts of Russia including Russia's second largest city Saint Petersburg, as is the subject of the previews featured in this article.

As of yet no release date has been forthcoming from SCS Software, however with an increase in footage released from the development build, it doesn't look like a full release is very far away..

For more Beyond the Baltic Sea previews check out our earlier article here.

European Truck Sim 2 and American Truck Sim are both available exclusive to PC on the Steam network now.

ETS 2 Saint Petersburg DLC 4.jpg ETS 2 Saint Petersburg DLC 5.jpg ETS 2 Saint Petersburg DLC 6.jpg ETS 2 Saint Petersburg DLC 7.jpg ETS 2 Saint Petersburg DLC 8.jpg ETS 2 Saint Petersburg DLC 9.jpg

ETS 2 Saint Petersburg DLC 1.jpg
ETS 2 Saint Petersburg DLC 2.jpg

If long and short distance hauling of varied cargo is your cup of tea, or if you are curious as to what the fuss is all about, then why not have a poke around in our ETS 2 and ATS sub forums to see if anything strikes your fancy? Oh and we host mods too...

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Looking forward to the new map expansion for ETS2? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Ole Andreasen

Hey... wait up!
Jan 9, 2014
Yep. I look forward to the DLC.
Those guys over at SCS keep pushing the limit in their expansion maps. It´s amazing the quality of the scenery.
It is SO relaxing to toss a truck around Europe (And USA with American Truck Simulator) So very different from the tension of racing.
Great games, and for ETS2 you want ProMods (https://promods.net/) which just enhances the whole thing even further.

Ole Andreasen

Hey... wait up!
Jan 9, 2014
Oh, I forgot - The whole shabang is on sale on Steam this weekend. 75% off on the core simulators (both ETS2 and ATS) and 40-50% off on DLC. So if you haven´t tried it - now it the time, but beware, it´s kind of addictive.
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Mar 14, 2014
Would you recommend the Euro or American one?
Depends.. I come from the UK, so I prefer Euro. I mean if you come from Australia, choose which one you want to explore the most. As @Charmin said, both games are technically the same, just in different locations.

Ole Andreasen

Hey... wait up!
Jan 9, 2014
Im also European, and the ETS2 covers Denmark, and as a whole, has far far more content than ATS - but ATS is coming along nicely, and there is something really cool about driving trucks in the US, while listening to "Convoy" :):)

Sure the games are basically "the same" and then again, no. They reflect the different way trucks and trucking is, in Europe and the USA. At least this is what I feel.


Mar 26, 2015
This game just gets better and better with trailer ownership and various expansions it's really something to savour. Good work!
Aug 23, 2017
Nice. I have to say with constantly expanding this game i feel like game could benefit from a better game engine so to say, i assume they use their own engine but could you imagine this game running on Unreal or something like or even new in house engine. Dont get me wrong the game looks fine but we all know it can look so much better