Eric Boullier appointed as McLaren Racing Director

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    McLaren Racing is pleased to announce that Eric Boullier has been appointed to the position of Racing Director, effective Monday February 3rd.

    Eric is one of the most capable trackside leaders in Formula 1. He has played the central role in Lotus F1 Team’s recent successes, and brings with him extensive single-seater motorsport experience, having worked in senior positions in World Series by Nissan and A1 Grand Prix before moving up to Formula 1.

    Working with Jonathan Neale (Chief Operating Officer) and his senior management colleagues within McLaren Racing, Eric will ultimately report to the Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Racing, an all-new position, whose yet-to-be-appointed occupant will in turn report directly to Ron Dennis (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Group).

    Until such time as a Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Racing has been appointed, Jonathan Neale will be acting in that role.

    Eric Boullier said:

    “First of all, I regard this appointment as an honour, a privilege and a wonderful opportunity.

    “The McLaren Racing workforce and the facilities at the McLaren Technology Centre are world-class, and I’m hugely excited about the prospect of joining such an outstanding team.

    “I’m both eager and determined to play an active part, working alongside McLaren Racing’s other senior managers and directors, within a new operational structure, to bring about the changes that will deliver success.

    “Last, I want to take this opportunity to assure the McLaren Racing workforce that I’m utterly determined to match their famous passion and commitment to win.”

    Ron Dennis said:

    “Eric’s appointment is an integral part of a senior management restructure within McLaren Racing.

    “I’ve already personally conveyed to the entire workforce of the McLaren Group, which includes McLaren Racing, the values, principles and mindset that I intend us all to adopt, going forward. My intention is that from now on everyone at McLaren Racing will understand their responsibilities and accountabilities, focusing on their specific areas of expertise, in keeping with those values, principles and mindset.

    “In due course we’ll announce the identity of McLaren Racing’s new Chief Executive Officer, who’ll report to me, and to whom Eric will report.

    “I’m firmly of the belief that, once McLaren Racing’s restructured senior management team has been assembled, together we’ll begin the march back to full competitiveness, quickly and professionally, harnessing the fantastic depth of talent that exists within our organisation.”

    Source: McLaren Press
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  2. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    Did I miss something...or has McLaren completely 'stepped' over the whole Whitmarsh issue?
    I have not heard anything in the press about his appointment to a different role, exit, etc...
    Come to think of it, I have not heard anything about him since last season ended. Is he officially gone from the team now?
  3. Tony Holder

    Tony Holder

    Anyone concerned about this? Lotus made some dodgy calls in 2012 and 2013......
  4. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    True but Boullier didn't have someone with the presence of Big Ron breathing down his neck.
    Everything was budget-driven at Lotus, with Boullier being the bullet sponge from the media.

    McLaren is a completely different set of circumstances. The money is there and everyone's getting paid, so the focus can be 100% on the tesm's performance.