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Epsilon Euskadi v1.20

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
Click here to download the Epsilon Euskadi 1.20 mod

Features (version 1.2)
- The main changes are to match with the 2008 end of season of the Euskadi EE1 performances and fix minor bugs
- Updated tire model
- New tires wear/set of tires : Super Soft (about 40 minutes), Soft (about 60 minutes), Medium (about 120 minutes), Hard (about 180 minutes),
- Updated aero balance
- The recommanded aero ranges (max values to the rear for front) : 6-20, 5-17, 4-14, 3-11, 2-7, 1-3
- Updated traction control
- Default boost value : 2, the consumpsion is about 1 hour with 90 liters on this position
- Modern showroom by Maciex added

- Install it over v1.0 or v1.0 + v1.1 mod


Epsilon Euskadi v1.0

After a one year long collaboration, EnduRacers and Epsilon Euskadi proudly presents to you the Epsilon Euskadi Mod for rFactor-ISI. Enjoy the best endurance racing experience ever seen, driving the first Spanish prototype ever build. Behind the steering wheel, like Ángel Burgueño and Miguel Ángel de Castro, you will feel the excitation of driving the P1 prototype powered by a 650HP Judd engine and a very
advanced aero design.

With his very accurate 3D models made using the CAD Catia official models, realistic physics created using official P1 data and high quality sounds, the mod will give you the most realistic behaviour ever made for aprototype. The mod doesn't modify original files of rFactor.

Features (version 1.0)
High detail 2008 3D model and 2007 concept 3D model.
High detail 3D cockpits.
More than 50 high resolution official and revival skins.
Epsilon Euskadi Helmet and Driving suit.
Pit crew suits for all Teams.
Very realistic sounds from real onboard records.
Very accurate physic handlings, worked in collaboration with Epsilon Euskadi and Chamberlain Engineering.
Physics limits validated with telemetry and real pilots.
Up to date specific 1.250 optimisations (tyres wear curves, pit menu, and so on).
New UI Data menu textures.
FFB upgrades to choose your preferred steering force to have optimum settings for FFB.
Specific upgrades for short and long endurance duration races.
RealFeel plugin compatibility to have optimum settings for RealFeel.
GP2 Shape Helmet integration (compliant with the GP2 2006 by Warnux, EnduRance Series mod by EnduRacers and F3Euro 2007 mod by Lo^ and
Sensible damage.
Selectable GP2Shape helmet skins for the player (great for online races).

Check readme for:
- Boost mapping usage recommendations
- Steering wheel upgrades description
- rFactor lighting parameters for night race recommendations
- rFactor sounds parameters
- FFB Parameters
- FFB Parameters for pure RealFeel

Install in your main rFactor folder

EnduRacers Modding Team
* Alex FRY "Puppeteer" : Media
* Alexandre Van HOOREBECKE "Vancop" : Sounds
* Christophe LEMESLE "Chris91" : Skinning
* Greg HUON "Migreg" : Media
* Hervé THOMAS "Vevex" : Texturing
* Jaroslav honzik : Test driving, Beta Testing
* Jietse MELOTTE "Integra" : Beta Testing
* Karan BAWA "Karan" : Media
* Kyle WILLIAMS "NightSt@lk3r" : Integration
* Marc CHAPELLE "klo-che" : Coordinator, Integration, Skinning, ReadMe content
* Matias VALERIO "mjv_c0h1" : Modeling, Texturing
* Maxime MENANT "LeBLOB777" : Texturing, Skinning
* Mike MUELLER "mjmueller69" : Skinning
* Sam ELIAS "Frosty 20" : Beta Test
* Sean Edwards : Test driving
* Stuart Moseley : Test driving
* Thomas ARNAUD "Icedob" : Texturing
* Tom Milner Jr. : Test driving
* Tony TONE "Tone" : Modeling, Integration
* Yoann RAGEOT "F1 Mania" : Modeling Physics Team
* Julien VIDOT : Physics, Test driver
* Alexandre Puigsegur alias Fuelex : Physics, Test driver
* Pawel Kasprzycki alias Pawel : Gen optimisations, Test driver
* Bailly Christophe alias Dolphins : Test driver
* Daniel JUSTOU alias MaD_King : Physics team coordination, Physics help, Skinning, HTML ReadMe, RealFeel compliance
* Grosjean Francis alias BigJohn : Test driver
* Aloko Dimitri alias Aloko : Test driver
* VAN DE WOUW Patrice alias PatciVW : Test driver
* DECOSNE Jerome alias Gerhom : Test driver
* Final beta testing and general feeling, pilots

Special thanks for their help and collaboration to :
* Ivan Platas, Epsilon Euskadi (, head of the project, Epsilon's representative during the collaboration. Nothing would have been possible without you Ivan
* M. Joan Villadelprat, Epsilon Euskadi (
* M. Jordi Caton, Epsilon Euskadi (
* The whole Epsilon Euskadi crew for having created this incredible prototype.
* Pete walsh (various help, and Manager of the core of rFactor community with, first link between Epsilon and Enduracers, for having contacted us for the project.
* Team Pescarolo Sport ( for Sound help.
* Steve Briggs, Team Chamberlain Engineering for Physic Data informations.
* Kyle Wilson-Clarke, Team Chamberlain Engineering ( for Physic Data informations.
* Gjon Gamaj, ISI (Modding help).
* Mika (Modding Help).
* Nunux (Modding Help).
* Nugit (modding help).
* nWODT_Cobalt (website, team design, graphic help).
* Cranck (Media).
* All the Gentlemen Racers Community drivers for the beta test help and resources

- This creation is protected by Creative Commons contract.
- All EnduRacers stuff included in this pack is under protection of Creative Commons intellectual work protection licences.
- All files included in this mod (including 3d files, sounds, physics, skins and all other files) are property of EnduRacers.
- It's not allowed to modify the 3d model, or other 3d parts of the mod. Physics or sounds files are not allowed to be modified.
- It's not allowed to convert the mod on another platform.
- This mod may not be profited from commercially by a third party.

- The mod is developped in collaboration with Epsilon Euskadi Racing Team.
- "Epsilon Euskadi" logo, "Metca" logo, "Metca" emblem, "" are properties of Epsilon Euskadi.
- EnduRacers has no relationship with IMSA (International Motor Sports Association), ACO (Automobile Club de l'Ouest) or any of the sponsors in the mod, and copyrights of those products reside with the individual copyright holders.
- The material provided in our mod is not connected to ISI (Image Space Incorporated).
- EnduRacers has no relationship with any of the sponsors in the mod, and copyrights of those products reside with the individual copyright holders. The material provided in our mod is not connected to ISI (Image Space Incorporated).
- Use the mod at your own risk. EnduRacers and Epsilon Euskadi will not be taken for responsible for losses or damages resulting from the use of our mod.


Feb 2, 2009
I love this car and it is clearly the most realistic sim I have ever played. Is there any way that I can drive it in a full field of IMSA cars, instead of just with other Euskadi prototypes?

When I try it with all tracks and all vehicles I just get an error while loading the Euskadi car model.

What am I doing wrong?
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