EOAA DBR9 Challenge 1.00

Nov 19, 2007

By: EOAA and EdOG
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: GT
Initial release: 06-Jun-08
Current release: 1.000, on 06-Jun-08
rFactor EOAA DBR9 CHallenge V1.00

We would like to say thank you to EdoG for creating the original models and more importantly, allowing others to work on and hopefully improve his original DBR9 Challenge mod.

If you use any of the work from this EOAA version well you have my permission but I'd (Rich_A) like credit in the read me and a mention of EOAA. If you want to contact me regarding this mod, send an email to ra@eoaa.org. If anyone is not keen on using the installer, well it does not install anything at all in your registry neither does it add an item to your start menu. It's really only a means of compression and an easy way to uninstall folders and files which are in different locations. If you would like to know what files are installed, well simply install it to an empty folder and you will be able to see all folders and files.

This mod includes new sounds and new physics. The sounds are a mixed bag of different V12 engines, if anyone has some decent onboard GT V12 material to work with, let me know and I might work on the sounds some more. We started working on the physics back in February 2008. I say we, well I drive and test the physics but so does Ari Antero (aka SpaceFox) who has driven many real world racing cars. Without his guidance and input it would not have been possible to make this mod. We also contacted Jet Alliance who gave us some valuable information about top speeds and lap times. There are working glowing brakes (although they have to be really hot, 500 to 600 to glow fully) and also dirt build up on the windscreen (takes about 40 minutes for the animation to reach the final texture).

The physics have been made using carFactory Download carFactory (thanks to Kangaloosh for a truly amazing program, keep up the good work). The data we fed into it has undergone rigorous testing. The real life specifications we used can be found here 2005 Aston Martin DBR9 - Images, Specifications and Information although I had to change the engine specifications a little in order to get the real RPM difference between max torque and max power. Trigonometry was used to calculate and set push rod angles in the hdv, I set the angles in carFactory and divided wheel rate by spring rate to get the multipliers for the springs and dampers. This means that the suspension model and push rods are in sync with one another. Also I used carFactory's wheel dimensions for the tbc files which means the tbc files are in sync with the suspension model file. All three files are in sync and it makes for a very connected drive.

We have made FFB settings for this car and I highly recommend using them. The car works perfectly with the realfeel plugin but as far as I know we are the only ones to use our methods so you must make backups of your Controller.ini and RealFeelPlugin.ini. Our settings car be found here ForceFeedBack settings please read it all carefully and use the DBR9 settings except the profile is not [GT1], it's [E_DBR9] for this mod. The anti roll or sway bars are 2x their real world counterpart. The spring based sway is half the strength of what it ought to be, read more about it here Antisway bar bug. A front sway of 360 and rear sway of 60 set in the garage would actually be 180 front and 30 rear.

Regards, European Online Autosports Association.


Patrick van Driel

Dec 31, 2006
Update to 1.01

rFactor Central // rFactor Cars // EOAA DBR9 Challenge 1.01

New tyres. Credit goes to Alex Laidlaw and Niels Heusinkveld for helping out and teaching me about real world slip angles and slip ratios, many thanks. The tyres have much more rounded grip and there isn't an excessive increase in grip as load increases as there was in V1.00. The tyres have a lot more grip in a straight line which makes the car feel tighter and more responsive. The lateral curve's fall off is very gradual which enables the car to get very sideways without the grip totally disappearing as it did in V1.00, the car can get sideways but it's now recoverable.

Also created a helmets folder so that drivers can pick a helmet for online racing.

Steve Emmons

Feb 22, 2008
EOAA DBR9 camera view

Has anyone tried this with the nosecam view? Mine is upside down. :confused:
The cockpit view is fine and nosecam works ok with other mods.