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Engines and 3rd Drivers

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Daniel Pettit, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Daniel Pettit

    Daniel Pettit

    Does the rule state its 8 engines per car or per named driver?

    If its the later why do we not now see some teams running a test driver for Fridays with a extra engines and save themselves mileage for their race drivers.

    Surely and experienced 'setter upperer' of cars would be able to offset the limited running of the star?
  2. Richard Kay

    Richard Kay

    Per car entered Dan.

    Bottom line now is that Fridays are too important for the main drivers to waste time testing with testers. In some ways this may have been part of the intention as it increases viewing and track attendance on Fridays.

    Unless the FIA makes it mandatory to run test/reserve drivers in FP1 we won't see that happen at all from now on. There is a good argument though, considering the driver changes during this year, to force running of test drivers on Fridays so that they at least have some reference with the car should they have to take over. Davidson has mentioned it several times throughout the year during his commentary on FP1 for the BBC.
  3. Keith Peppiatt

    Keith Peppiatt

    i think a third car slot should be opened for friday practice as an option. Maybe pop limited mileage on it... hey as i think while typing, why not just have a x'000 mile limite for testing a year to use as you want?
  4. kalniel


    Makes sense to me :)
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