Endurance Touring Car Racing Returns to Spa

TCR Spa 500.jpg

Spa-Francorchamps will see long distance touring car racing return this year - with confirmation of the brand new TCR Spa 500 standalone scheduled for 4th-6th October.

Set to run exclusively for TCR specification cars, the new standalone long distance race is to be organised and run in a joint venture between the WSC and 24H series organisers Creventic, and will be run to the current generation of TCR regulations. The event will be a Pro-Am race, and plans to open its doors to both amateur and professional racing drivers throughout the world.

Although the domain of GT cars in recent years, Spa-Francorchamps has a long history of hosting long distance touring car racing, and the move by WSC and Creventic to revitalise the popular format later this year is a welcome one, presenting a much needed cost effective endurance racing option for the many TCR customers throughout the world.

The growth of the category has been the success story in international motorsport for the past years,” WSC chairman Marcello Lotti commented of the new event “The idea of an international endurance race, exclusively reserved for TCR cars, is the icing on the cake.”
With all current TCR specification cars eligible to join the race, the joint promoters of the TCR Spa 500 expect a minimum of 40 teams for the big race this October, and with the event set to avoid clashes with the category leader WTCR season, many of the top touring car driver and team combinations could well be taking to the legendary Belgian circuit for the return of the biggest touring car race in Europe.

Happy days!

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Patrik Marek

Oct 25, 2014
now this could be quite cool!

Nick Gregory

Forever a backmarker
Nov 27, 2015
24 hours of bumper cars and driving on 2 wheels. This race is going to be a meme.


Oct 29, 2015
Wow there are so many endurance races at Spa:
- 24h Spa (Blancpain GT)
- 6h of Spa (WEC)
- 12h of Spa (24h Series)
- This race
Nov 3, 2015
The GT race used to be touring cars ( hence the thread title ). Sadly this won't be the spectacle of ye olde days when there was all sorts of stuff entered in the 24hr TC race, but nice to see it back again anyway.

TCR cars are roughly GT4 speeds iirc? 500 laps might go a bit over 24hrs...