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End of the Road

Discussion in 'F1 2018 Setups' started by Kyle Dunning, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Kyle Dunning

    Kyle Dunning

    Hello everyone. Having been around these parts for several years, it has been an honour to bring you my race setups that many have enjoyed. Sadly, I do not currently have the time to continue making setups for the F1 2018 game.

    Also, it is unlikely I will return when F1 2019 is released. I'm sorry I cannot continue to help you like I have, and I hope you are still able to find quality setups and have fun playing F1. Cheers and farewell.
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  2. grish_em_all


    Oh man, this sucks :(

    I've been using your setups since F1 2011, and they've worked sensationally for me, so this information is terrible for me. But then again, it's your choice, and in the end it's only a videogame, so there are more important things in life :)

    Thank you for all these years of "cooperation" (haha), you made my experience with F1 games great. It's been an absolute pleasure driving the car that was set up using your advices.

    Take care Kyle, you have my utmost respect.

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  3. Craig Bisset

    Craig Bisset

    That's too bad. I've been using your setups religiously for many years and they have always been right on the money.
    All the best, thanks for the years of help.
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